Monday, October 8, 2007


dear ms.sp, why is "hot" such a versitile word?
Hot, from the latin Hotus, is truly a word of many meanings. It can be used to refer to the attractiveness of another member of the species, although an outcry may occur. It can also be used to convey danger to a toddler. "Don't touch that! It's HOT." applying to any type of household hazard. There are other meanings, but you already know them and I am moving on.
As to WHY it is so versatile, only God and maybe Thor know.

-pants on fire! why did lithium batteries pass govt scrutiny?
The government is very busy testing things for millions of dollars. They don't have time to worry about the ocassional American's pants combusting. Unless those are the President's pants. That would be costly and embarassing.

and what about all those toys with lead paint recalls?
Is this a plot by the Chinese? You never can know. I would like to say, for the record, that pencils do not contain lead. They have a combination of Madagascar clay and graphite, and the random toddler chewing on a random unsharpened pencil is in no great danger of contracting lead poisoning. For the record.

josharoo said...
For Mrs. Smartypants:

-What is your suggestion of how we should spend our time when we visit Texas the week of Christmas?
Skiing, snowboarding, snow angels.... OR go to Splashtown. More amusing would be to ride every elevator in town. Just go on a whirlwind trip through Conroe, finding elevators. Fun AND exciting.

Anonymous said...
Dear Ms Smartypants,

What is the best way to rid oneself of toejam?

Stinky Feet

My Dear Stinky Feet... well, not my feet, mind you. I mean, my dear reader. You should collect the following ingredients: 1 pint of uranium, enriched. 1 smoking Ipod Nano, pocket edition, 1 small jar of mustard sauce from China delight, and a bag of paper clips. Take all of these ingredients into a Volkswagen bus and drive VERY fast down the freeway. Something will happen, I assure you. When it is over, you won't even remember toejam.


  1. oh my!
    snowboarding & anything pertaining to snow-type activities IS the No. 1 thing to do in Conroe year-round


  2. thanks to mrs.sp for answering my challenging questions

    anybody know at least 5 people who have moved in last couple of months

  3. well, if i win a prize, i'll try to answer....

    let's see

    jess and r1,r2,tob,brynn

    josharooni and shannorooni and keitharooni

    n8 and leah and co?

    that's all i can wemembah

  4. & the crouses

    & bethc's son, John?

    that'd make 5. are those the 5 you are talking of?

  5. john
    georgia and co.
    leah and co.
    le petersons de washington

  6. Rob n Steph
    Rich n Jess
    Josh n Shannon
    Jessica Busteed and husbandola
    John Allen

    I did not know
    Leah moved or
    Georgia moved......

    but now I do

    I know 7 peep groups who've moved

  7. I didn't know Rob & Steph, and Jessica Busteed moved.

    either of them buy?
    they still live in the same city they did?

    Wow, Steph moved just before or after having Ruby?! how tiring..

  8. Just B4..............

    CTK 6:30 TUESDAY .........

    Prayer meetin.........


  9. Top that Josharoooni

  10. where do josh & shannon live now?


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