Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Deep questions

What a horribly unpleasant day yesterday... I HATE throwing up. I go to great lengths to avoid it. Gee whiz.
Feeling much better today, although still a little queasy.

But enough about that. I ask you this question, on today's edition of
Can this Marriage Be Saved??

Let's say that *Anne and *Jim have been married a good long time, oh, 11 years or so. And Anne likes pulp. Pulpy bright fresh tasting orange juice. HIGH pulp. Jim likes NO pulp. Tang-tasting watery pulpless orange juice.
Neither Anne nor Jim nor little *Harry or *Jim Jr. drink enough oj to buy multiple cartons.
The options are no pulp, low pulp, medium pulp, high pulp.
Jim considers a compromise "low" pulp.
Anne considers compromise "medium" pulp.
Can this marriage be saved?

And a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BETH C, sharer of my birth week for all of my remembered life!

*names changed to protect both the innocent and the guilty


  1. Happy Birthday Beth C. When is your bday Jess? Mine was Yesterday. I am getting way to old. I was wondering if I could boycott my birthday from here on out and just stay 32.

  2. In legal matters, it is said that "a good compromise is one in which all parties are equally dissatisfied with the agreement."

    Perhaps Jim and Anne could buy the low and medium pulps, mix them together and freeze half until they're ready for it. Then neither one of them would ever want to drink orange juice, and the problem would simply go away.

    If Jim and Anne are determined to drink orange juice that they like, then i'd say to follow the advice of my wise step-mother-in-law and "pick your battles wisely." perhaps, the passion of issue, and love it self, if not the amount to o.j. to be consumed, warrants the purchase of multiple cartons.

    Also, a very happy birthday to all birthday-havers.

  3. Jim and Anne should've covered this in there pre-nup.

  4. Also, *their* pre-nup. What OJ to buy is reason enough to have one. This could cause significant financial damage.

  5. yes, the marriage can be saved as they are considering compromise...
    unless they are fooling each other.

  6. glad the names were changed to protect the innocent

    would be unfortunate if this blog became gossip central


  7. My birthday is the 17th, Jenn... never knew yours was in October.
    I shall be 29. Interesting.

  8. man, jess, ur getting up there in age
    is it scary?
    do u have any grey hair yet?
    how's ur memory?

  9. The marriage can be saved. My suggestion is a healthy life style change of more OJ intact, as I know a couple who is regularly sick (names excluded) and could benefit from a high vitamin C intact. My suspicion is that Anne and Jim may be in the same situation as my aforementioned nameless couple. Buy both OJs and commit to a heartier consumption.

    This will keep the marriage in good shape and improve the couple’s immune system at the same time.

  10. Oh, one more thing on the O.J. front.

    Consider exposing little Harry and Jim Jr. to a wide variety of pulp levels so that when they are married, perhaps, this won't be an issue of such great difficulty.

  11. Anon's questions from this morning and my answers:

    josh & shan r now closer to seattle
    is it a shorter commute for u to drive to work josh?
    hope so
    --We are closer to Seattle, but I work at the Everett site. We are still closer to the Everett site than the Seattle site. My commute only increased from 10 min to 20 min. I go opposite the main traffic flow into Seattle, so it’s not bad.

    josh did u buy the house?
    r u in the path of lahar flows?
    --Still renting, but love the house. Square footage increased from 750 to 1400.
    --Did a quick Google search on lahar flows and pretty sure we’re safe. We’re still very far from any volcanoes.

  12. yep
    2 cartons
    more health

    liking our big home

    that's all
    ; )

  13. Oh
    & pour a glass for partner occasionally

    true lovingkindness

  14. i like pulp... but it upsets my g.i. tract....

    so, i prefer smooth Tang-like OJ... or forego it all together and go for GRAPE juicE!

    2 cartons is where it's save the mawwaige

  15. Would Jim be the "bread-winner" of the family? I thought so. He chooses.

  16. oh, but the woman is the weaker vessel...
    and needs her OJ!

  17. here goes another "once" story

    once when Linds was 4 or 5, she drank a WHOLE BUNCH of OJ that was fortified with calcium...and the next day she had a FINE RASH all over her little body!

    so, don't buy TOO much OJ

    here's a practical idea...

    buy two cartons - one of each -

    pour half of each carton into freezable containers (old OJ containers)half full - and freeze them until the time when you would need them!

    if you have enough room in your apartment-sized refliggerator

  18. she still does not have today's blog posted

    slacker jess


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