Thursday, October 4, 2007

I've been trying to think of the right thing to say... but there is no right thing. Not even a good thing.
To Josh and Shannon:
I (and I know it's all of us here on the blog) am so, so sorry that you lost your baby. My heart is so heavy and I am praying for you.
It makes heaven richer and earth poorer. I love you.


  1. Shannon and Josh, comfort and peace to your family in this sad time.

  2. we love yous!!!!!

    from all of us at the C-house....

  3. Thank you, Jessica, Lisa, Beth, & C-house.

    I really wanted this baby. Yet know God is strong & sovereign. It was harder than the last one, knowing I was pregnant this time, & bleeding very much, it scared me. God answered my prayer to not need the ER in the night.. I REALLY didn't want to go. I'm so glad that my bleeding quickly ceased.. so glad. It was a surprise to see the sac was even tinier than February's.. 1/5 smaller.. even though I was a lot further. This evening I saw the side of the clear tote of baby things I have gotten in the past months.. it's sad. It's hard to picture how it'd feel trying again.. wondering. Yet since we'll be getting bloodwork results soon and see what might be the reason.. it could simply be taking something to help my progesterone level or another simple supplement. Our midwife said she's known some to have multiple miscarriages, then they figure out a help & then they carry full-term with no issues. So that's our hope, that this doesn't mean it's permanent.

    It was so nice hearing Keith's little baby talking the next morning when he woke up & Josh was changing his diaper. I was having extreme thankfulness for him! It was cute, he was making 'ba, ba, da, ba' sounds, and he has hardly made 'b' sounds til now, & I had thought it was cute when he barely did a long time ago.. so it was a joy to hear that just after losing another one.

    Most of today I had a bad headache, probably from hormone shifting, & maybe low blood pressure/iron, which I'll get checked if it continues. Yet it's finally gone, and I also just had a nice dinner Josh made.. with lots of protein & iron, etc. : D

    Yes, Jessica, heaven is richer & it will be neat to meet those who have gone on before us.. my midwife said she thinks of that verse with her own lost children.

    Heaven will be so great.


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