Friday, October 26, 2007

Richy is doing really well. We have to make an appointment with the neurologist for 3 weeks or so from now, and we'll be able to talk medication then. The stuff he is on is ruining his teeth, and this higher dosage keeps him a little groggy. I'll take groggy over seizures any day, but maybe there's a better option.

It's a weird place, to be praying for his healing but planning for things to stay the same. Like drugs and action plans and so on...
Here's the thing- I don't think it's God's will for R2 to stay this way. I think God wants to heal him. All the way. I just don't know how to "make" that happen. So I will pray, and wait.
In the meantime, I do enjoy him.... he is such a funny, goofy little guy.

Toby is practicing his ear-piercing screech. No, not just now. All the time. That's right, all screaming, all the time. This has to be a phase. It has to. Otherwise, it will never end. I choose phase.

Ms. Smartypants is back in business! Ask your questions, maybe get an answer! Questions of a general nature can be submitted today through Monday morning, and will be answered (or not) Monday at naptime!

Also, I said it the other day pre-crisis, new pictures on me picture blahg. Comment-vous!


  1. I think this is a record for non-commentage

  2. Newbie Materialistic WorrierOctober 26, 2007 at 4:47 PM

    Hello Ms. Smarypants,

    I'm not usually a worrier.

    But i find myself worrying now...over the silliest thing. The office where i work is being carpeted this weekend, and i can't stop worrying about whether they'll break my desk when they move it.

    I mean i've been thinking about this for DAYS!

    I'm afraid i won't be able to sleep in in the morning; i may have to come and supervise them.

    This is RIDICULOUS!

    Ms. Smartypants, what's WRONG WITH ME?????

  3. Hi all! Jess I as so glad to hear R2 is doing well! We are standing with you and believing for his full healing. I just stopped to say hi right quick. I am at TFH and we are about to start prayer and since Matt and I are leading I might need to be out there!!!

  4. dear ms. sp
    please use your superior verbage and insight to critique some/or one Christian movie(s) from recent year(s). I have heard of a new one, "Noelle".

  5. complete and total healing, favor and blessings to R2

  6. hey, we're MOVING and it's going ok
    we've had a lot of help so far -
    john allen guy and daniel M worked really hard with papa last night and got a huge truck loaded

    in a .m., the youngest hernandi will crisply appear all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to assist with the remainder of the package and the trip to CORNROW to unpack

    i'm UP and can't seem to wind down

    angelag and her daughter helped us paint tonight along with a Judah man... J's room is almost finished - he and Aubri and Judah man painted it all and it looks good...

    Angie helped Linds and me - Hannah helped all

    jess - so glad your big boy is home and so glad you are getting some rest

    prayers needed - my grandmother is back in hospital withe heart and kidney failure - 87 yrs old and one of my dearest friends (if your grandmother can be your best friend)

    i appreciate all of you and this commmunity where we can all gather and share

    any new quilts lately? blanket, you say??

  7. and i heard that Daniel and Jacob M will return in the morning after their other respons to help Chris and Pappy and the rest of us unload

    how can any one family gather so much STUFF?

    ok - good night and good morning

    and, i think FISRT

  8. we're off to switchfoot: in which they rock the house

  9. Yea SwitchFOOT........

    I bet you two had a blast!

  10. CTK------------6pm------Larry boy.


  11. former newbie materialist worrierOctober 29, 2007 at 7:57 AM

    so after i got it off of my chest, i was kind of o.k. during the weekend - about the carpet installation....

    but before i left on friday, i worked really hard to make it really easy for the carpet guys to move my stuff around. i disconnected my computer, took apart the three pieces of my large desk, etc.

    also, i left them a note, thanking them for the great job (you know, high expectations yield high results and stuff).

    this morning, i got here, and they had done a WONDERFUL job.

    my desk was back together perfectly, and they had gone to some lengths to put my reconnect my computer for me.

    i was SO Pleased! and relieved.

    then i went and looked in my colleague's office. she didn't disconnect anything. she just cleaned off the top of her desk, which is all we were asked to do.

    well, the carpet guys disconnected everything in her office and reconnected seemingly nothing.

    ouch! receive what you give. go the extra mile for someone else, and someone else will go the extra mile for you (not always the same person). what does around comes around, the golden rule, and do unto others....

    have a great monday!

  12. ordination service for larry & chris was great!


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