Monday, October 22, 2007

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I left you on Friday... so, a recap. Friday, we got lost in Vegas some more. Went to three services at the School of Intercession. Ate at In-N-Out. Friday night Mike Bickle preached at the service. I'm not much of a sit-and-listener, but I did. And it was good.
Don't like thinking about the end times, though. But I think I would be less fearful if I was closer to Jesus... gotta work on it. That simple.

Saturday morning we woke up for the Call- Hannah got in from the airport around 2ish... AM. We sleep-talked for a while, and then the alarm clock went off at 5. Oops. That was supposed to be set for 6. So I was wide awake after that and lay there wishing I was asleep for an hour. At 6 we got ready. The guys... who knows. I called at 645 and nobody answered. Sheesh.
At 7 we left for our 7:30 sound check. We arrived at the Thomas and Mack Center at 7:06. So, you know... we stood around for a while, took some pictures, prayed... and went in to the stadium to stand around with our gear until 7:45 when they were ready for us.

Now before I talk about the Call, let me give this disclaimer. I don't speak for Richy, or Radiant, or the Call. These are just my impressions and my heart, which is undoubtedly a little hard. I'm being saved.
The stadium was basically empty- remember, this is 2 hours before the event begins. There were a couple hundred people there, mostly volunteers and ushers and such. We starting what Richy calls a "D piddle" which is just piddling around in the key of D and singing spontaneously. And there was such a sweetness. Just being there, in that empty stadium singing to Jesus. Simplicity. Later it got a little harder. Our goal was lifting the opression. Breakthrough. Somewhere during You are Holy that began to happen.
So it was good. It wasn't easy, but good.

We left to take Nate and Hannah back to the airport (and the Shatter Festival) pretty soon after we finished. So we weren't there for the beginning of the ten o'clock set. But the rest of the day was good. I think that we (people) connect more with this or that cause. So the focuses (foci?) of this Call were not as close to our hearts as Nashville. But we did pray, and worship, and pray, and fast. All day.

The thing with mass intercession like that is, there are ebbs and flows. You're praying or worshipping, and somebody hits on something that is in sync with God's heart in that moment, and zooooom the momentum just takes off and a room of 6000+ people are crying out in unison for one cause. And it is exhilirating. And emotional. And then, it slows down. And you wait, and pray... and hit it again.

But in that moment... you are in destiny. And you (I mean I) can breathe for a minute. It's the right place, at the right time.

This is already maybe the longest blog post I've ever written, and I don't know if anybody will even read the whole thing. So I'll finish the trip update tomorrow.

Oh, and new pics on my picture blog! Click here

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  1. I read every word........I am so glad that you are home.

    I missed you ......and I love to read about your experiences.....

    I can read for MOG version......

    If I need to I will print it.

    Pics look GREAT! especially the ones of the kids.....



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