Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I am so sick. No, I'm not pregnant.

sheesh. and so far today toby has figured out how to plug in lamps... and get in the fireplace... (did you know sooty hair actually has gray suds??) and just wreak general havoc. In fact, I think I shall call him General Havoc.



  1. To Anon-
    Re: "where do josh & shannon live now?"

    None ya.

  2. ohhh, sorry, that sounds horrible to be sick & caring for a toddler

    Keith learned to unplug the lamp a few days ago

    & this morning to crawl up onto a box, then up to standing on it with his arms out

    he looked quite pleased with his ability

    he was quite unpleased that I kept pulling him off the box and when he'd put a knee up, I pull it off

    at least his balance is pretty good.. as I was 'spotting' him with my arms, I let him get up to see how he did, pretty good

    hmm, this makes me want to remove this one box left that he can get onto, yet, it's in front of the tv so he doesn't pull that down (which he did once at the other home!) Ya, we need to secure the tv somehow. We have an idea. It's too bad there are no places to do such a thing on the back. Not baby friendly. Maybe we'll get a taller stand where it's too high for him to pull?? hmm

    Toddler adventures

    my next task will be cleaning up the applesauce I let him practice self-feeding : D

  3. The fire place at our new home doesn’t really help heat because of the configuration of things (and we have cheap gas heat anyway), so we have it blocked off with our entertainment center on one side and office desk on the other. Keith has no idea what dirty adventures are behind there if he could get past our blockade.

  4. OH
    & even from standing on the box, he was able to get back on his knees on the box & then feet back to the floor without falling

  5. although, when his foot sunk in a lower spot in the box once

    I then caught him
    & would say phrases with


    a trainer
    Mommies are trainers
    over and over and..

  6. Sounds like Keith was getting ready to practice his high diving.

  7. high diving = testing boundaries

  8. Ok, for Anons who must know,
    here’s a map from an intersection near our old home to an intersection near our new one. Moved from Everett to Mountlake Terrace.

  9. i have an uncle who lives in lynnwood

  10. jess

    i'm so sad about your sickness

    i hate being sick

    please feel better soon

  11. hey, j.p. -
    how close is where you are now to that bed-n-breakfast my man and I stayed in on the coast last year? is it close. i cannot remember the exact area...

    that is a beautiful place to live!

  12. what were the contents?

  13. did you puke, yablonski jetsom?

  14. Yes. But I will not specify, lest I beckon it again.

  15. poor baby

    are you shore yore not pregnant???

  16. Knocked up, I'd say.

  17. Frist..........

    I wonder if Jess could truely be able to "google" frist and first and salt and tsal and discover the Viking Granny is the champion!

    Most frist and most SALT since 2005........

    Biggest believable story teller.....

    Best know it all MIL advice......

    Most accurate predictions in baby weight and sex.

    most secretive ANON........leaving plenty of tell tell signs......

    Most beautiful picture on my profile always..........

    largest group of growing in numbers grandbabies.....

    Best at keeping secrets.........
    on the BLOG

    most amount of emails sent out with the latest urgent info on rumours that can be cross referenced on urban legends dot com and sometimes even copied and pasted onto the BLOG

    longest time alone on blog talking to herself......

    I can go on and on and on........

    Lets just all back off and face the inevitable.........

    o yea.............most mispelled words on a consistant basis when commenting.....

    Latest comment

    earliest comment

    sweetest comments

    most annoying comments



  18. Now that is a resume that could land you a CEO job fast!

    = )

  19. josh & shan r now closer to seattle
    is it a shorter commute for u to drive to work josh?
    hope so

  20. josh did u buy the house?
    r u in the path of lahar flows?

  21. just 'cause i'm anon
    gives you no right to step on

    plz don't abuse
    i'm feelin' so used

    josh says 'none ya'
    just 'none ya'
    'none ya'


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