Thursday, October 25, 2007

Back to abnormal

Last night I politely requested to Richy and Toby that they sleep until 9. Wake up in time for Sesame Street, that was the request.
Can you believe, it worked? After months of waking up around 8, today they snoozed until 9:12. I was so happy. I actually feel somewhat rested.
Trauma takes it out of you. I can't imagine what R2 must feel like. He won't sleep unless it's night, even if he's exhausted. So hopefully last night was good sleep for him.
He seems a little more like himself today. He's goofing around and such, still a little on edge. Also, he's on a double dose of his seizure medication, so he's a little dopey and slow to respond. Please, continue to pray with us for his complete healing.

In other news, I am going to the library today.
In other, other news, Toby is asleep and I think I will go work on my new blanket idea....


  1. You forgot to say in other other other EXCITING news, the Youth Of Fountains mastered CD came in today for approval and it is AWESOME!
    We need suggestions on a venue for a night of CD release concert/ministry. Trying for a location between 1960 and 1488 close to I-45 and aiming for Nov. 17th...any ideas? And trying not to use a church sanctuary if possible...

  2. you know what works really well with an apple laptop? a power chord. yes.. can you believe that!?

  3. Smarta pants........either got his power cord BACK or is being SARCASTIC!

  4. Dear Ms SP......

    Did Anony get his precious cord back.........and ........Did anony get some company to watch Office Commercial creating episode?


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