Monday, September 10, 2007

Smartypants Schmartypants


dear ms sp
how many boxes can/will/should you/others pack in a day?

Excellent question, "Beth". One should be packing 100-150 boxes a day currently. But if one is engaged continually in the act of pulling out one's hair and saying OH FOR HEAVENS SAKE PUT THAT DOWN BEFORE DON'T YOU KNOW CARS ARE DANGEROUS I SAID STOP and so forth, the likelihood of packing any boxes is, well. Unlikely.

Toby has decide to become 2 a couple of months early. I am against the term "terrible twos". Let me say, for the record, Toby is high-spirited and adventurous. May God have mercy on my soul.

No nap today. Thus the bitterness.

In other news, we're moving to Missouri.
But first, we're moving to a little apartment. Near Simplify. Our plan is to go to Missouri in January and rent a house.

Basketball started Saturday. Yeah, it was cute. It's more like individual basketball practices than a game, per se. Or persay, if you prefer. But R2 was awake at 7:30 a.m. holding his jersey. Got game?

Horseriding starts tomorrow.


  1. ah, and new pix up over at CFP

  2. hey, thanx for answering my ?

    such a busy family you have...


  3. mamapc,
    thanx for supplying donuts and milk...i wish i had known so i could have joined y'all

  4. we scraped pennies together one year for Hannah Bee to have horse-back riding classes... I think she was 5th or 6th grade. Long yello hair, short little big eyed lovely girl up on those huge horses...

    That was the same year we rented for her a) a violin, b) a cornet, c) a beginning drum kit...and bought her several piano books....

    Oh, and she taught herself (homeschool) 5th and 6th grade from the teachers' curriculum as i peeked in every once in a while...and tried to corral the more rowdy and non-compliant ones...

    :-) oh the memories

    now, i get time alone and quiet in my home!!!

  5. 911 TOMORROW

    Anyone beside ME planning on taking doughnuts to the fire dept?

    or local Police station?

  6. HEB and Entergy are feeding them Breakfast and least in the WOODLANDS> I wonder if anyone is going to HONOR the VFD in CUTnSHOOT TEXAS>

  7. i love the new pics

    Such CUTE KIDS.........

    must have great blood lines

    never ever seen such darlin babies.


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