Thursday, September 6, 2007

Quick pre-storytime blogging here... today, the cousins are going to the library with us... as well as Stephanie and her large pregnant-ness. Watch me have to deliver this baby on I-45.

More later.

Back from the library... I need a vacation. Toby is formidable in his own strength. But combined with Graceson and Izzy, what are mere mortals before them?
It was wild. And fun. Now, the part of the show where Toby takes a nap. May it be 3 hours.

I'm thinking about organizing a hen-party of sorts to come and get rid of all my stuff and start packing. Maybe a couple of type A's and a couple of whatever I am for moral support.


  1. Ummm, I read that as:

    "and Stephanie's large pregnant-a$#"

    Which made me spit out my coke,coming from this blog.


    I can give you my moms phone number to talk you through the birth.

  2. put tobs & r2 in charge of packing & you take a 3 hour nap
    surprises would await you when you rise
    now, wouldn't that be FUN!

  3. Hen party sounds fun, Be careful how many type A personalities you invite because they will all get caught up in trying to tell each other what to do and nothing will get done!! I just popped into say hi, still can't get the computer at home to work so I am in the apt office. Well it is about time to go collect my kiddos from school. See y'all later!

  4. As long as the Type As are well informed of what items are going to Bedste's house......

    Table extension.....etc......

    I know a place that will appreciate any extra crapola that is not ripped stained torn or broken.//////that was suppossed to be.......................

  5. How is married life LORRIBETH?

  6. Grandkids are available to any Bedstes that are in need...

  7. LOL

    Aveda Weekend.......YIPPEEEEE

    If anyone wants a date night on Saturday PM......and if little princesses know how to suck on bottles......and if Ruby can stay put and hold off .....then.....

    then it might be possible to pick up kiddos at churchola........

    If the not bottle ready.......then the boys might need a nite away from sissy and Bryncess might like a nite on the town too.......

    It is all up to Ruby.....

    Saturday after 2ish.........I could possibly swing by and pick up a troop after Aveda ....

    All depends on with or without the bottle baby.

  8. Parents can pick up boys@church...

    Might be fun to invite Izzy and Graceson too.......


    depends on Brynn.....wassup with bottle training......?

    How is that going.?

    Ready for October yet?

    Making progresss???

  9. well, do I have stories for you!

    this is the short version

    Part ONE
    hannah tired
    linds locked car keys IN car, with battery ignition turned ON...
    j lost in town with judah
    papa and mama on way home from reich's

    Part TWO
    hannah tired but agrees to bring linds spare key to conroe
    linds gets a ride to conroe
    to meet at LEAGUELINE ROAD
    j gets message to meet at LEAGUELINE ROAD
    papa and mama sent to CTK to pick up AMPLIFIER for Hannah

    Part THREE
    hannah and papa and mama and hannah converse on 4 cellphones
    j heads to LEAGUELINE ROAD to meet

    Part FOUR
    hannah says plans have changed and linds is to meet her at HEB on FRAZIER
    contact J who is a LEAGUELINE ROAD
    Judah turns around and heads to HEB
    mama and papa driving on loop toward HOME

    Part FIVE
    call Hannah to let her know to wait for j
    hannah in tears - so tired - and can't believe she had to get out and drive all the way to Conroe when she needs to be packing for weekend trip with RADIANT
    j on way to HEB
    john upset that hannah's crying

    Part SIX
    Lindsey calls and says Hannah brought wrong car key!
    Hannah is happy she has THAT PARTICULAR KEY IN HAND because she lost it a long time ago and needed the spare
    J talks to them all the way home
    we drive into our driveway

    Part SEVEN
    Linds and hannah come home laughing
    john smoldering in room for all the wasted time and effort
    j is behind me emailing
    linds cannot find her spare key and thinks it's locked in the car with the OTHER KEY!
    she is crying to me because i'm not helping her!

    Part EIGHT!
    i'm hearing hannah in other room, discussing something ELSE lost!!!

    i need to go see how pappy is doing....

    i think we are all tired

  10. that's sad. I HATE it when Hannah cries... it is the saddest thing ever!

    vkg- emailed you back

  11. Did anyone see the FULL double rainbow this evening around 6:30pm? It was INCREDIBLE!!! I've never seen anything like it!

    I'm not a "it's a sign" kinda girl, but there's gotta be some significance here. I looked it up and double rainbows (esp. full ones) are rare.

  12. Oh, and LSAT. Probably.

    I'm still geeking out over the rainbows.

    My picture up there is a double rainbow in Alaska. It's much more beautiful when it is screen size.

    And, while the landscape is not anywhere near as picturesque, it is more AWESOME when it is over Conroe.

  13. How cool..........last time I saw a double rainbow it was over a field across the road from my Uncle Jen's balcony with him smoking his nasty Danish Cig.....

    I am very excited and looking forward to good old fashioned boy messy dirtyness and hard playing noisy fun.


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