Friday, September 14, 2007

So- we made it through storytime, La Palma, and the Talking Tree without Steph having a baby. It just trips me out. All I had to do was, you know, stand up or something and there I was in labor. Normal pregnancies are weird.

My task today is to get all the trash and items-for-donation out of our house. My brain has already fried to a crisp. I don't know where to start. I'm just... stuck. I think I will bag up all the toys (except for a couple) during naptime. And maybe ... see what I mean? STUCK.

My tendency here would be to cook some big meal and read a book and do laundry as a means of avoiding the traffic jam in my head. What I need is a police escort in my brain, who knows where we're going.
Or maybe pack all the useless stuff. Office stuff, books. WInter clothes. Or something.



  1. Well, well, the R1 clan is moving to KC! God bless them - what an adventure.

    I heard the news & decided I should check the blog. I haven't been on in such a long time.

    I think I'll read some more of the past blogs to what else is going on with all you youngsters.

    (this is sivadnorahs)

  2. The term “that’s it in a nutshell” is interesting. Just overhearing office cubicle talk.

  3. Just get a good renters insurance policy, take the kids to VKG's, then light fire to your place. You'll get a big check for all your belongings, and get to buy new stuff in KC. That would make the move much easier.

    It's time to think outside of the box.

  4. i would like to remind my fellow readers that arson is a felony punishable by extensive prison time - which would give said arsonist plenty of time to think while INSIDE "the box"

  5. ok - jess - this is what you do about packing and moving

    first, you get rid of your kids for 2 days - 2 WHOLE days

    then, you sleep the first night - really good

    then, you take some super powerful vitamins before you get up the first morning - kidless - then you drink a huge coffee-chai-power drink then, you start in one room and totally pack IT, then move on and on and on to successive rooms, packing and pitching until you've done half the house -

    then, break for another coffee break with a huge lunch of vegetables and fruits and whole grains - NO SUGAR

    lie down and sleep one hour - then up and at-em again until you finish the whole house...

    the second day you will spend sleeping because you're so worn out from day one

  6. yes, jess
    take a break, send kids to have fun with some family and/or friends, and then pack with purpose!

    and concerning renters insurance: it should be purchased without any need or thought of torching is relatively cheap and hugely beneficial if loss occurs (like $300 a year, worthy investment)

  7. oh and to happy: good one about "in" the box vs out of the box thinking

    oh and I just noticed we have "happy" and "joy" as primary users on this blog
    we all refuse to accept any "shame" that anom would speak against those on this blog


  8. adequate sleep and nutritious food (including plenty of water)can solve many concerns and complications

    mamapc, have you heard of the book "Water Cure"?
    my school nurse mentioned it the other day when talking about how she experienced how water (drinking more) "cured" allergies in one of her grandkids.

  9. techy question:

    anybody use firefox for a browser?

  10. Mozilla Firefox
    extensible web browsing

  11. hey how is everyone? any baby yet?-katie

  12. I suddenly want some Panera Bread...
    -kt (my login still isnt right for some reason lol)

  13. hey, kt

    thanks for id

    no, haven't heard about water cure, bethc

    any baby yet from rob's crew?

    hello sivad - leaving for trip soon?

    see you all tamale!!! (unless i check back on here later...)

  14. Not like you need one more bit of moving advice, but I'm gonna give it anyway. Lots of info here...don't get overwhelmed, just take what might work for you and leave the rest...

  15. Yes, I'm slacking off...not wanting to clean the house. I've haven't been on the computer for a few days and I'm having withdrawls. So now I'm bingeing.

    First week of homeschooling for went pretty well, overall. Some tense moments when Lucas was crying because he wanted something, Sammy was squealing because he lost something and keeping Nate focused was like trying to train a squirrel to go in slow motion. (Momma, can I have a frog? Momma, I'm thirsty; Momma, wouldn't it be funny if Sammy's hair was blue? Momma, Lucas is eating a bug...). Only 166 more days to go. =)

    But, overall, it was a good start. And we are BUSY. WOW. I'd heard it would be, but..WOW. So far, I really like this teaching thing. For the first time in a while, I'm enjoying my kids. We may not be unraveling the mysteries of the universe right now, but we have just enjoyed being with each other this week. And my role has expanded from just primary caregiver/enforcer of rules to teacher. I know a lot can happen in 166 days, but it's good.

  16. Ruby's actual due date is Sept 17th Monday!

    this morning 8 am
    8 pounds 5 ounces!

  18. Yippeeeeeeeeeee

    What a beauty too!


  19. "8 lbs 4 my guess.

    Midwives have guessed much much smaller........but Bedste knows everything......"

    7:15 PM, September 12, 2007

    I was DADgum CLOSE......

    She is so big and alert...WIDE AWAKE!

  20. Who has the schedule for dinner for the CLARKs?

    I would like to be put on it if they need a night that is not filled.....

    Who should I contact?

  21. I better check my crape myrtles and see what the future holds....



  22. what do CREPE MYRTLES have to do with anything, viking granny???

    Congrats to Rob and Stephanie!!!

    Wow, what a beauty!!!

    Jess, we missed you this morning.

    Wow, Denise really preached several sermons all rolled into one.... you gotta get the recording....!!!

    I've never heard her so fired up!!!

    She said she wouldn't be back for a while (world traveler) so she wanted to get everything in!!! :-)

    Oh, and btw, we made an offer on an house in Conroe... pray for God's will to be accomplished...

    love you all

  23. Jan said the same thing about Denise's preaching......

    I am going to get the CD

    Different take of the Parrables and all the other subjects she touched on.

    Full of MEAT from what I hear.

    I miss RUBY!


    She is needing her Bedste to hold her.......

    I am looking forward to bonding with the newest Clark Princess.

    I have had a cold and I am going to be sure not to spread any germs on any grandbabies old or new.

    Little men are running around the house with flashlights again.

    Apparently that is the thing to do according to all the little men in this tribe.

    Next weekend we are planning another guy weekend.......

    I bet the girls are starting to feel ripped off......

    Well, now that Ruby is here...I bet they really don't care much about anything else.



  24. How is tarnation do you fix it when you are anonymous and you do not want to be?



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