Friday, September 21, 2007


Human nature watching around here... the pecking order around small boys is very interesting. Graceson is definitely the Alpha male (assuming that means the boss) and Toby is the rookie. Izzy is kinda, well... the Beta male? The sidekick who defers to the Alpha, kinda thing. And R2 is exempt from the order for the most part. If anyone steals his toys, they do it gently. And when he steals their toys, they either let it go or take it back gently. Nobody screams or hits Richy. That's pretty cool.
Toby doesn't know the way things work. He might have a little bite of G's sandwich, or wear I's backpack, or take anyone's toy, and then he is shocked and outraged by the outcry. He has it good with the ever passive R2 as his sidekick.
It's funny. And loud.
Just now I was changing someone's diaper. and all the others crowded around curiously. "Does it stink, Jekkisa?" "Is it yuck?" "Pee-yew!" and so on. Very helpful.

Ms. Smartypants is back! Monday's edition will be All about Animals! So ask your animal question today through Sunday.

Le Blog is slow this week. Do I need to get pregnant?


  1. How can your readership be going down? This is real like humor here.

    I'm guessing your reader numbers will go up after you move. Folks may read to stay up on you all.

  2. From yesterday:
    "Graceson informing me that Izzy needs a spanking"

    Now that's funny.... probably a little self serving.

  3. Sounds like you have had a very entertaining 3 days Jekkissa!

    I noticed last night when Izzy was telling me about his day he referred to you as Jekkissa also.

  4. Isn't it exciting?

    This one will be born in KC so I guess they will have to name her..
    Dorothy......or EvaJoy.....

    May 31st according to my calculations..... many things r going to change while the kids are in Kansas.....

    even Jess's belly

  5. And she shall be called Misty...

  6. animals...


    how long can an animal go without being fed by the owner?

  7. Misty Eva Clark

    Misty Joy Clark......

    Eva Misty

    Joy Misty


    Ruby Joy.............

    Misty Joy.............

    Sounds good to me......

  8. 7 pounds 8 oz.....Little

    MJ Clark.........

  9. Alright, cut the jokes. Is Jess really prego or just another e-rumor... like all the other ones Eva emails to the world? (OUCH!)

    = )

    Love ya, Eva.

  10. That bacon choco bar sounded so nasty, I couldn't even make myself read the whole description.

  11. Is there a scientific reason to explain why giraffes' necks are so long, or would you say that God was just being creative and to allow them to eat from trees?

  12. What animal is the most populous in the whole world?

  13. Good night, Josh. Good night, Shannon. Go to bed.

  14. IF I ever fall pregnant again, it will be announced on the FRONT page, after I call Georgia. So the answer is no.

  15. Jessica Danielle and Josharooni are both grounded..........

    I should get the phone call...


    and Josh! Just cuz you know how to check out your sources before spreading the good news......

    o yea.......

    Ms SP.......


  16. Eva- Actually, I was pleasently surprised to find out that the "God's Eye" picture you sent was real. Your record is now improving. = )

  17. ok 0 where WERE you people today? decided to skip??? kids sick??? on a vacation??? leave of absence???

    anything new???

  18. you need some more women around there I think Jess :o)-katie

  19. If you have a can name him KANSAS and Call him Kan for short!

    I really like Misty Joy.

  20. Dear Ms. Smarty Pants

    What would a person do who really needs animal advice and the only one offering it has experteezze in the field of siameeze fighting fish?

  21. Dear Ms sp......

    Knock Knock is lonely........
    his little face is so sad each morning when he is being left alone..

    I pet him everyday......walk with him occasionally and play ball every single dad gum day.....and offer him grandkids at least once a week.......

    What can I do to make a happier Knock Knock?


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