Thursday, September 27, 2007

Our house is getting empty. We sold a fridge, and Rags to Riches just picked up half a box truck full of furniture and clothes and toys.
This is starting to sink in.

I just want to get rid of so much... start over, in a sense. But you know, starting over takes cash. So I have to kinda PC my way through, startup, crash, defrag. And so on.

This is going to be an interesting season. Not easy, necessarily. Is there an easy season? Maybe grace-filled... but nothing seems easy.

Now, I shall make a gourmet lunch of mac and cheese and hot dogs, which we will sit on the floor and eat, as I donated the table.


  1. wow, you guys are Really starting over! reminds me of our move from IL to WA.. just our 2 cars loaded up!! to the brim! with our 2 bikes on the bike rack on the back of Josh's car. our monitor road as Josh's companion. a clothes basket of food & easily accessible things was my passenger. we looked like the hillbillies. haha I should put the pic on my page sometime. the back of Josh's car was low-ridin'

    The move we're doing this weekend, we're keeping everything. Yet only a 15-20 min. drive.

  2. hey-
    is there an MCF deal tonight? Feast of Whosit?

  3. Mike's book on SoS is done and Larry will be new CTK pastor.

  4. That lock out story is pretty bad. That's one hard way to learn to have a back-up key hidden outside. Felt sorry for you.

  5. yeah, you missed the Feast tonight

    i miss you!

  6. and I miss my kids!!!

    i saw them all in spurts tonight -

    both my girls were in Leah's dance team.... so i saw them spiraling around the sanctuary!

    Wow, I think there were all 8 girls doing cartwheels at one time!!! all over the front of the auditorium!!!

    it looked really COOL!

    i like to watch those pure-hearted girls dancing with all of their might!!!

    your sister is a whirling tornado for sure!

    ok - gotta go!

  7. wonder where Hannah is tonight???

  8. 3 dancing hens are enough - now there's 4 >>>>>>>>>>>

  9. news on our side...

    we may be moving into Conroe soon

    to be closer to I45 and the paths of all our kids, me and papa, and others who happen to want to "drop in"

  10. Hey Jess.......I would like to get your lawn furniture If we can work it out.

    Sleeping babies get HOT at 2am.......

    No fever.....just warm toasty angels........

  11. yep... toby and brynn are both heaters


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