Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Mama PC said...

how long can an animal go without being fed by the owner?

Of course, this answer depends on the animal and the culture/climate in which it is raised. To use the vernacular of the locals, "It ain't gone starve, There's crickets and little critters for 'em."

josharoo said...

What animal is the most populous in the whole world?

That would be the famed "party animal". In all the world population and even amidst unreached people groups, the mammalis fiesta can be found. In some remote corners of the earth, you can locate one imbibing fermented coan'ituzi juice and dancing wildly with no pants. Here locally, the party animal subsists on fermented barley.

Viking Granny :0) said...

Dear Ms. Smarty Pants

What would a person do who really needs animal advice and the only one offering it has experteezze in the field of siameeze fighting fish?

My dear reader, one does not have to BE a woodchuck to know how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood. Google.

Viking Granny :0) said...

Dear Ms sp......

Knock Knock is lonely........

his little face is so sad each morning when he is being left alone..

I pet him everyday......walk with him occasionally and play ball every single dad gum day.....and offer him grandkids at least once a week.......

What can I do to make a happier Knock Knock?

Considering that Knock Knock has already been emasculated, there is probably little in the world that could cheer him up. Perhaps you should get him a cat.

In other news, Toby is working for the man now...

In other, other news, I am moving on Sunday. Which will make THREE Sundays in a row we have not been at church. Frist, for the momentous birth of Ruby. Second, because the MOG had to finish mixing the new CD before his studio is packed away for 3 months and I am too lazy unmotivated to go to church alone, and now for the move.


  1. wow! i'm FRIST???

    i am actually HOME today
    up til late with my Nannaw at the hospital - we had to readmit her through the ER...

    then, my allergies (or whoever claims those allergies) are acting up and my voice is now one of a Baritone... so, my new boss told me to take the day off...

    Jess! Did you get your house prepared with the help of the TYPE A's???

    Will you put stuff in storage???

    When is your sale???

  2. Indeed, the Party Animal is perhaps the populous.

    Shannon asked a question that Mrs. SP didn’t answer. Maybe the “all knowing” Mrs. SP doesn’t know anything about giraffe necks.

    We’ll be moving Saturday to a much larger rental home.

  3. I know cool things about giraffe necks. For instance, did you know that if God hadn't wonderfully designed a giraffe's neck and heart to coordinate with one another, that the blood pressure required to pump bloo all the way up that long neck to brain ... would blow the poor giraffe's head off when he stooped low.

    but and however, God made his heart know the difference.



    Poor Tobias.........What kindof crapola is this?

    Where did you get his hair cut at?


  5. That was his card on a keychain - turn the card in for a prize. He won the patented "Choking Hazard Super Ball", which he immediately put in his mouth


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