Tuesday, September 11, 2007

6 years since 9/11. In some ways, it seems like it's been a lifetime, doesn't it? And then, like it was last month. I would like to write something deep and heartfelt, but with Toby "helping" me type, it's not going to happen.

R2 is so excited about starting his horseriding again today. Unfortunately, it doesn't start till 1. So I will have to say approximately two million times, not yet, not yet. Soon! After lunch. Not yet.

The chaos here. Raspberries on my leg and a sticky anemone like ball in my face- guess I'll go make some cereal and say not yet.


  1. ok I looked at your blog over here. Hey i am in Conroe. Of course you probly knew that. I hope R2 has a blast horseriding. While you're at it, go ahead and let R1 take a seat! He might like it more!


  2. hey how are you? I haven't checked your blog in a couple of weeks....i need to start catching up again. I finally got to go to the Father's house on Sunday, finally got a Sunday off...it was great to be there again!

    i was going to say something, but i forgot, and now my mind is blank. oh yeah 9/11. wow that was six years ago? sheesh. I remember that day. My mom woke me up, screaming " COME WATCH THE TV!!!" felisha calls me crying or something like that. oh yeah felisha...wow...

    going down memory lane again. anyway! Just wanted to say hi so hey hehe so how is everyone doing? It was good seeing some of you on sunday :o)

  3. ok i am going to have to be anonymous right now because what i thought was my username and password didnt work, and it doesn't have a forgot password thingy...why doesn't it have a forgot password thingy?! that's annoying!! :oP

  4. you guys are not aloud to move to missouri. just kidding. but i dont like it.

  5. Me too...................

    What a SHOCK!


    Kansas CITY!


  6. how was horse-back riding lesson?

    do you ride aslo?

  7. come on sundown

    hey, I actually got my hair done!
    it's been a long time between styles.

  8. Oh yeah, Eva.... I meant to tell you

  9. Well, I'm glad I read the blog or I might have just pulled up to your house someday and kissed on some strange babies and freaked out some people or something....

    that might have been embarrassing.

  10. Hey something is up in Israel..

    just caught the tail end on 700 club.......wassup.?

    Anyone got the laymen version of the scoop.....?

  11. I just listened to an equity analyst from Morningstar whose name is Josh Peters, and I suddenly thought how roo would be a great stock broker....that's big money possibilities! u got the skills with your hr background


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