Tuesday, September 4, 2007


This is awesome... As always, I have no control of the links it shows after this video... I didn't see any yucky ones, but there's a lot of psychos out there

Tired again. I think Brynn is teething. OR, she's just had it up to here with sleep. No more sleep. Ever. And then this morning, Toby awoke the dawn, and his brother. So there you go.

Today was our first day of homeschool/preschool. R2's attention span is pretty nonexistent. But I think I can stretch it if I keep pushing him a little. I bought a cool craft-making kit with popsicle sticks and googly eyes and such... that will have to be used whilst Animal is sleeping. Holy moly. Today, we were just peacefully coloring a picture. And Toby colors for a minute, and then he tastes the crayons a little, and then he finds the markers and takes off all the caps and throws them on the floor. And tastes the markers. "Yick!" he says. Yeah. And then he draws a line on the paper and tastes the marker again. "YIck!" Yeah. And then he starts sweeping his arms madly side to side, and obliterating his paper and all the capless markers and sloggy crayons. So then he pauses for a moment to survey the wreckage with a teal-tinted smirk. And then, he's up on the table after R2's paper and crayons. I apprehended him, but poor R2 had lost concentration, if you can imagine. Then we worked on a puzzle. Sort of. Maybe school needs to happen during naptime.


  1. From reading your post, I shall pray for you! I know you enjoy every minute of it. Those crayola eating, marking licking memories are the ones that stay with you forever.

    In other news tommorrow is my last day at my job, scary and exciting all at the same time!

  2. Fasting...
    ...isn't everyone?

  3. hmmm
    no blogging going on in here
    must be that ev1 is hungry

    ev1 could be praying
    'cept those at work


    oh happy happy joy joy
    fasting is so good

  5. I tell you what the fasting is getting to me today, I have had to spend half of today researching some recipes and looking at pictures of food. That is just not easy.

  6. whatever happened to old-fashioned drawing with markers and crayons....such innovation

    did anybody else get sick? granola? what...?

  7. Yep Fasting without prayer is just STARVATION!

  8. difficult to pray while you are at work, or do you guys take the day off while fasting

  9. I work and fast and pray as much as possible...alone in bathroom....

    or...between customers at register.
    or....on the way to the bank.

    God honors it.....He knows my heart...He knows how much I can pray......so now I can pray more and where am I? ON the Computer Blogging........

    I hear YOU.....


  10. September 5th is the day that I have requested for Ruby Joy to be born......

    We shall see.......

  11. presumptious

    is this a word

  12. I was just sitting here reflecting on the last year or so of my life. This being the last day of my job has me in a retrospective mode of thinking. So much has happened in the last year. This time last year I was so on fire for what God was doing, it was burning in me, I knew there was so much more than what people where tapping into. I was so hungry for the move of God, I could see it, smell it, hear it, but I could not figure out how the church was going to recieve in the state it was in. The Lord would whisper to me "prepare my bride" I had no idea really what that looked like, or how was I going to do that? Just pray, I just kept praying, I kept seeing the circumstances that brought grief to the heart of God, things that grieved the Holy Spirit, what do I do Lord? Pray. So now what are we all doing??? Praying!! It is so awesome I know the Lord is going to move mightly. And now I have more free time to PRAY!

    Of course there have been a few other changes in my life in the past year, this time last year I wasn't even thinking about dating much less marriage. So many times Matt and I together and seperately have received prophetic words about exceleration God wasn't kidding!

  13. i'm having 'feelings' right now
    feelings that jess is ignoring the blog
    feelings of neglect
    feelings of rejection

    where r u jess?!!!!!!!!!

  14. sorry anon... i was doing stuff.


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