Wednesday, September 12, 2007

mo KC

So, about Kansas City--- this is exciting! I know it's weird to have us leaving- but man! It's a prophetic journey. I am excited and nervous about seeing what God is going to do there. I had a dream years ago that leads me to believe this trip will be an awakening for me.
So that's kinda nervousy. I mean. you know how it is when you're almost awake but you're so warm and comfy in your bed and you kind of dread waking up in a few minutes?? It's like that.
Also nervousy- not having the team with us. That will be new and difficult for the MOG. It will be an interesting experiment in marriage.... The plan is 1 year. I'm too much of a homebody to plan being away from the Yablonksis for longer than that.

In other news, yesterday was the first day of the second year of horseriding. The party of the first part, R2, immensely enjoyed himself. The other parties did not take naps. Sheesh.

No new baby Clark yet. Stephanie and I and our broods will be going to La Palma tomorrow. That oughta do it.


  1. And welcome back Jdiddy and Katie!

  2. and in answer to the questions I can remember from yesterday- R2 rides alone, with volunteers walking beside the horse. It's a program called Leap of Faith at the YMCA.

    Oh, and they are always looking for volunteers if you wanna.

    I would like to see a pic of the new Beth hair.

  3. by the time I get the new hair pic, i may need another hairdo. I will make every effort

  4. so maybe I am not catching all the facts correctly, but are you and richy going just the two not the little guys? and girl?
    kansas is disheartening for me, but it's apparently a god-dream come true, so rock on.

  5. no. it's the whole fam... i don't leave home without 'em.

    And we'll be here 3+ more months... so we should definitely be able to see you/eat food in the same locale/do cool secret ninja stuff

  6. BUT, the biggest benefit to you staying for 3+ months is you'll get to see the Peterson's at Christmas time, right?

  7. The big KC move sounds exciting. Big moves are always nerving some, as we are now pros at big moves.

  8. How are you planning on delivering Ruby in the middle of a Mx Restaurant?

  9. I don't know nuthin bout birthin babies!

  10. I don't know nuthin bout birthin no babies!

  11. Hey, you Texans have a tropical storm making land fall.

    I got an email from our Hewitt contacts that our benefits service center staffing may be impacted tomorrow if they can't get to work. I remember being at Hewitt and making those contingency plans for clients, now I'm on the other side.

  12. 2 storms and lots of rain

    my contingency plan is maybe we get a day off from school....only to be made up later

  13. Anonymous Gone with the Wind expert: I stand corrected.

    AND steph is in labor, dadgummit.

  14. Thanks for the welcome back :o) I will be sure to check here more often now that I have least when I have time. Lately Iinternet access all the have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off hehe.

    I used to take horseback riding lessons when i was younger! I even won 2nd place in a horse show!! I miss riding so bad. I took a lesson recently, well a couple of years ago, and would you believe it was FIFTY DOLLARS AN HOUR?! SHEESH. you could go to a really nice restaraunt for two with that and be full!!

    So when are you guys NOT leaving? I have to work this Sunday morning again. I really hope I get another sunday morning off again so i can go to church. i literally get one off about every six monthsish.

    hi josh! how are you? and mamapc and beth :o) and jessica, but of course :oP i am so glad to be back in conroe, its good to be home. home is where the heart is :oP

  15. I just listened to an equity analyst from Morningstar whose name is Josh Peters, and I suddenly thought how roo would be a great stock broker....that's big money possibilities! u got the skills with your hr background

  16. Ruby Ruby Ruby........JOY JOY JOY

    any bets on how big she is?

  17. 8 lbs 4 my guess.

    Midwives have guessed much much smaller........but Bedste knows everything......

  18. Another False Alarm?

    Could it be...???

    Will Ruby arive tonight or tomorrow or on Sept 17th?

    Good Grief.......she is really going to be well done......totally finished.........

    It is great! Steph and Rob last baby overdue......wouldn't that be something?


    I think that she will be born within the next 24hours 8 pounder healthy loud self confidant little Princess........

  19. well, i say... i say..... has she hatched that young chicklin' out yet????

  20. NOPE!

    WASSUP with that?

    We are not used to anyone going to their due date? I am trying to think.......Caleb and Jade were even born before their due dates.. all of our babies..Graceson I can not remember.....when he was due.

    I think it was January.......and he was born Dec 26th...

    No one has made it to the actual my me be totally mistaken.

    Jade was due in July.......I remember that.....she was born in June....


    Ruby is a ground breaker! She is blessed and strong and a ground breaker........WOW

  21. let's hope that ruby don't take her love to town



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