Monday, September 17, 2007

A day early and ABOUT TIME


The lovely Ruby Joy, 8 pounds 5 ounces.

I forgot to do Smartypants, maybe absence will make the heart grow fonder.

This weekend one niece got married... and another was born. Some kinda reincarnation or something there. Today, I will joyfully be spending a check someone gave us "for the kids".... plotting my path now -jeans for Brynn, shoes for R2... etc. VERY exciting.


  1. Happy Joy! Congratulations to the Clarks!!

  2. They are both so beautiful!! Ruby Joy is already living up to her name! Congratulations Rob & Steph!

  3. What a great photo.......Ruby looks like she is smiling......

    She is so she is not so swollen and puffy....but she is very red.....

    What an angel....I just remembered something....

    When Richard and Robert were born...Richy was red and Robert was white white white.

    Lynn used to call them indian and pale face.....

    Ruby is that red.


    Anyone else ever notice how all their kids look a lot like their uncles?

    Wassup with that?

  4. Sweet! Ruby has arrived & is so cute. What a precious gift for Rob & Steph!! I get to see her when she is 3 months!! yeah!

  5. Good Morning MamaPC

  6. Happy Tuesday with Graceson and Izzy.......I miss being home....

    I am so thankful for my JOB....

    God is so good...and I am enjoying waking up to little sweet happy voices...that turn into wide awake noisy boys running through the house making car noises...

    I miss that..

    Happy TUESDAY Pam!

  7. I dreamed about Josh and Shannon and Keith a couple nights ago....

    and he looked exactly like he does on this pic........


    It was a very vivid and good dream.

    You were in Texas........visiting..
    and Keith had lighter hair than I had expected.

    Graceson and Izzy wrestle and laugh and fight and jump and talk and make weird ruff noisies..from the moment they wake up........

    Wonderful boys.....

  8. He looks like a beautiful child with the best of both parents so it was easy to dream him exactly as he looks.

    Ruby is so pretty.....she isn't so squashed and puffy...

    She looks more and more like her family with each day.

    5 great looking beautiful babies.


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