Friday, September 28, 2007

Mmm... oh, wait

5:20 decide to order pizza
5:21-5:31 try to get the pizza hut online ordering to work. No go.

5:31 Order pizza, on the phone. "Pizza representative" does not know if they have any specials, or much of anything, pizza-related. I forge on.

5:36 Am assured pizza will be delivered in one hour.

6:ish VKG arrives and carts off small gentlemen

6:ish MOG arrives, concerned about hunger pangs. We are comforted by the thought of pizza arriving, post-haste.

6:45 I call Pizza Hut. "There's no drivers here, so he must be on his way." Hmmm

7:ish Pizza guy arrives with cold pizza, and no beverages or sauce... which accounts for 4 bucks... he assures me he will bring it right back.
MOG and I decide to withold from eating the pizza until we have bevs and sauce...

7:20 I call and ask whereabouts of driver. No one knows. No one has ever heard of a driver.

7:35 I call and ask for a manager. I am asked, "Was the driver kinda short and old? Was he young and kinda, you know, big? Mustache? Did he drive a big car? Little black car? Who drive a little black car? Was it a Grand Am?....." by this point I am demanding a refund and trying to not die laughing as it would not help my cause.
Manager? Yeah, we have one. Oh, well. She's busy. She told me to ask you what you want. blah blah infinity

7:45 or so I am finally speaking to the manager, who will send my drinks and such over as soon as a driver gets in. Refund? You want a refund? How bout a credit for the next time you order from us? Oh, okay. I'll just credit your card, then.

8:15 Eat reheated pizza and drink tap water. At least it was free.


  1. I love the "fresh start" concept
    and ordering pizza. next time call Bobby and he will hook you up with better PH service
    dancers were awesome and
    wow mama lookin freshly dolledup!
    number uno

  2. i'll bet you gave 'em a loving way of course.


  3. Jessica Jessica Jessica........

    Your first mistake was NOT calling Papa JOHNs Pizza------281-362-2222

    Pizza Hut Schmizza Put.....

  4. i don't like Papa J's pizza so much - i mean, it'll do in a pinch...

    but, if you really want good pizza - you've gotta step up a bit...

    there's a good pizza joint at Portofino Shopping Center - at the north end in one of those strips that go perpendicular to the long row of buildings....

    anyway, go there.... it is VERY VERY good! it's new there...

  5. Hey Jess..........

    What a great IDEA for a poll...

    Papa Johns Pizza or CiCi or Pizza hut or Dominos? Who else is there.

    Hey Pam.......what is the name of the place in Old Navy shopping center? I work near there.......

    I would like to try a new eating lunch place......

    Happy Saturday!

  6. vkg - i don't remember the name of hte pizza place. but, if you drive north of Old Navy inside the shopping center til you cannot go any further, it's in that furthermost north strip that goes east and west... toward the midwest section of the center...

    i'll ask LinC or Brian - it's one of his favorite places...

  7. We are hardcore papa john's fans... but, despite the fact that there are THREE PJ's in 10 miles, they will not deliver to our neighborhood..
    tomorrow I will be in a new neighborhood!

    on a budget.... (sigh)

  8. Heya so what new neighborhood are you at ? Man all that trouble for pizza. That stinks. Yeah, Papa John's and Bobby's pizza is the best...stick to those.

    how are you doing?
    my login still doesnt work dont have time to make a new one

  9. oh and i mean to say are the best. bad english whooops

  10. No signs of life?

    We moved Saturday-- my muscles are very very sore today.

  11. i guess the move(s) went well

    budgets can include pizza, on a plan. some of the store bought brands are a nice substitute for take out, pricewise and delivery!

  12. somebodies have Bdays this month! who can they be?

  13. i suppose jess is under a box at her new home... and the boys are piling toys into it...

  14. Good Grief.......get a nice new apartment and all of the sudden all the old bloggers are put on the back burner......

    I see how it is.........


    Everyone moving the same weekend.

    Wassup with that?

  15. Something IS happening.....

    I have had a cleaning bug for weeks now....getting rid of what remains....

    It is going on at work too....

    I think something BIG is up spiritually and for ME......this is a part of HOUSE

    literally and spiritually...

    I feel like things are happening so much faster and deeper than before.

    How have the meeeetings been going?

    Joy Joy Joy?



  16. you're such a great story teller


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