Friday, March 2, 2007


Well, since I was up all night puking, I took the opportunity to catch up on some news. How bout this story? "Barbie bandits" caught
2 teenage girls rob a bank wearing sunglasses as a disguise. Brilliant, eh? My dad and I used to discuss how crimes should be commited.... he called us criminal minds... although we never actually commited any crime...(well, traffic tickets and potential tax evasion on his part, maybe... I never commited a crime) Anyhoo. We just agreed there were smart ways and stupid ways. If I were going to rob a bank, I'd plan on not getting caught. Not that I ever plan on robbing one. I'm just sayin.

Ah yes, Brynn. What a great baby. We finally went up there last night, after an agonizing 24 hour separation. Our "practice" nursing went great! The nurse was joking that Brynn doesn't know she's a preemie. Then, after I nursed her (kinda) and held her for a little while, I started feeling symptoms of "the pukes" as it is medically called. It's gone around all the small humans here, but I thought I dodged it. Not so. Thus, I am not going up there again today unless I feel normal by tonight.

I haven't gotten a weight update yet today. Toby is having a little nap after once again waking at 7, and so I am not talking on the phone till that is over. R2 is watching his new DVD... we bought Toy Story. We have TS II on VHS, but this is SO much cooler.

I might go grocery shopping today. Can you believe... I think the last time I bought groceries myself was September? Maybe October.


  1. grocery shopping is not what it's cracked up to be...i get woozey/pukey in walmart and any big grocery store if I stay too long...i think it is the lights (or the people)
    i usually wait in the parking lot....if I go at all.

    more sleep and more water should help ya.
    So cool that Brynn does not "know" she is a preemie!

  2. I'm glad your 1st nursing was great.

    To everyone: I just put 16 pictures from Jan. & Feb. on my blog, including ones taken of the snow we got Feb. 28.

  3. Just read that the teller was in on it in the Bandits story... it was an inside job, eh?

  4. an inside job.... and Mary Jane may have been involved, if you know what I mean....

  5. Leah used to worry that me and Mary Jane were gonna get back together. Whenever she said that, Ivan and I would just laugh and then go for a drive...

  6. Isaac and his parents are coming to see me!yeah!

  7. Isaac, AND HIS PARENTS? Do the parents have names, or to the grandparents only the grandchild is significant enough to be called by name?

    = )

  8. Grocery shopping.... you go with your bad self! Kick it at the grocer!

    Um yeah, back to work. Working on my weekly reports and litening to Johnny Lang.

  9. Am I litening to Johnny Lang, or listening to Johnny Lang? You, my friend, will never know.

  10. isaac has 4 teeth!

    John and Val:
    By the age of 21, most people have all of their permanent teeth.

    see the significance

  11. Tell John and Val that Keith now has 6 teeth. He got all four of his uppers at the same time two weeks ago!

  12. There are 28 permanent teeth in all - eight more than the original set of baby teeth. About around age 20, four more teeth called wisdom teeth usually grow in at the back of the mouth. They complete the adult set of 32 teeth.

  13. what people used long ago to clean teeth:

    ground-up chalk or charcoal
    lemon juice
    ashes (you know, the stuff that's left over after a fire)
    tobacco and honey mixed together

  14. As part of February's National Children's Dental Health Month, the American Dental Association reminds parents that children should visit the dentist within 6 months of getting their first tooth and no later than their first birthday.

    who actually does that?

  15. Start brushing your baby's teeth twice a day when the first tooth appears.

  16. “Some prison inmates fell into poison ivy and started a rash of breakouts.”

  17. Mary Jane, eh? The "New Mother Nature"! All right, man!

    someone knocks on door
    a voice from inside yells out
    who's there?
    it's me dave
    dave's not here man
    no it's me dave
    dave's not here
    (this goes on for several minutes)

  18. speaking of criminals...

    have I got a STORY for you!!!

  19. Papa JC told me that last night, the alarm when off at his company's shop.... the boss was called by the alarm company....and when he got there at midnight...some young dudes were sitting in a car out by the shop... and the alarm was not heard... so, he walked up on them

  20. ...the boss walked up on them and asked "who are you?" and they said they were friends of one of their employees.... and that they were waiting on him...

  21. then... the boss went around back... and found where a door was kicked in...and where several pieces of equipment were lifted... but, interestingly enough, a video camera was found laying there!!!

    so, the cops were called...

    and the boss took the video camera home and played the film... and there on the film was a picture of a certain location very very identifyable... where the owner of the camera was shooting a specific picture... and the boss knew exactly where the video was being taken FROM.... so, he called the cops...and they went to that location...and guess who was living in that house???

  22. the stupid dudes who were sitting out in the parking lot when the alarm went off! and the equipment was located there with them! how schtoopid!!!

    jess, my nephew's wife had her baby this morning early 2 weeks early. She weighed 6lb 8 oz...

    i wish i could see little Brynn... i bet she is so tiny!!!

    can you put something in a picture beside her where we can see her compared to something else?

    she looks so cute!!!

  23. But, I will also post a picture of something size-identifying

  24. are you still pukey???

    no bueno when pukey with lots of little babies around...

    i remember once where i was so sick... and had 3 kids under 5 years old...and it was a Sunday afternoon... and all I could do was crawl up in bed...and they all crawled up in the bed with me...and we all cried...and cried... and John was at the church getting ready for the night's service... We didn't have him around much in our early childhood days....(when I was the mom of the early childrens...) until I finally got it into his skull what hours were important that he would be home...

    Thankfully, he listened... and came home during the important times... and things got better...

    I wish we could go back again and be young and do things a little differently....

    But, then, I wouldn't know what I know now... so, would not be able to do it any differently.

    The Lord is gracious and compassionate... and He took care of us and ours even when we blundered and failed... He knew our hearts... and He protected our little ones...

    Thank YOU Lord for your unboundless love...

    Good night all!

  25. MPC- come and meet her! she can have visitors...

  26. Jess... I just might try to do that...

    but, not sure I can get "out".

    Work has been so trying this past month... and I haven't had any time to pack...or prepare to leave the country...

    all the strength I ahve when I get home... is to sit here and vegg a bit...

    i don't even know who is doing the laundry!!!

    and cook??? ha! you'd think we wouldda all lost weight!

    i MAY get out tomorrow, though, and go see little Lexi Abigail tomorrow, though, so if I do... then, I'll swing by your neck of the woods ...

    I would love to meet Brynn Katherine

  27. ... but,... don't count on it...

    i promised myself tomorrow would be a SABBATH of sorts...

    where I'm quiet and resting... and planning and reading...

    and meditating...

    I may clean house a bit... but I will do it as unto the Lord...

    so, it will not be work...

    does that make sense?

    i just need to be home..

    the Thailand team will come over tomorrow afternoon and we will meet and pray and plan...

    so... I should probably look forward to seeing Brynn in early April!

    When do you think she will be getting to go home???

  28. early april is a good estimate... of course, she won't be to church or out much for the first weeks...

  29. can't wait to see the little hug-a-bug...

    good night, my pukey little friend...


  30. I hope it is gone JESS........R2 lasted just one day.......Did it run its course?

    Have a great day!

    Happy Saturday.....I get to see my favorite 2 1/2 week old and work on my house....organizing and throwing away and staying OFF the computer.....and go to work a couple hours...


  31. Ya, I spent one day this last week only straightening up, spending more time with Keith, & only on the computer for important rental home searches.. would like more space to live in! It felt nice to get more things done..

  32. (Clint eastwood music playing in background)

    I walked into the convenience store, my chaps banging as I walked the sound of leather flopping.With each step the jangle of my spurs hitting the ground. Jangle, flop, jangle, flop.
    I opened the door to the store, the people waiting in line gasped one collective gasp.

    EEts her! One old lady said at the end.

    Ahhh we don wan no trouble mam...

    Jangle, flop, jangle, three more steps right in front of the almond joy rack.

    The customers gasped again. The room was totally still

    She's supposed to be fasting! said the fat man over by the donuts.

    Everybody stay calm, Abdullah said while he was reaching under the counter for the button.

    Ok, Almond joy, I said. It's just you and me here. One of us is coming out of here alive, and it aint gonna be you.

    Just then an evil wind blew the door opened and Clint Eastwood jangled over to the gondola. I said Hey, Clint, what are you doing in Magnolia? He stomped his boots up on the steel shelf and said " Take it easy there pardner aint no need in anybody or candy bars gettin hurt in here today."

    Stay out of this Clint! This is between me and Mars company and that is all!

    Clint and I put our hands in front of our guns and wiggled our fingers at the same time

    Ok, what's the story Almond joy, are you the candy you say you are or can I walk out of here with just a memory?

    Suddenly the candy bar became grew. It got wings and a mouth and a dragon tongue and it laughed it me in smoke rings
    " You are no match for me, Woodlands cowgirl. You will never, ever, get out of here still fasting! He had a evil laugh. He got from Jess on the blog, MUAHHHAHHHHHHA! He was very proud of it.

    It grabbed me by the head and Clint ran like the California surfer he really was. Got in his ferrari and took off in seconds flat.

    A short hispanic man ran to me and attempted to get my head out of his chocolate dragon mouth,while smoke was emoting from the spot that says "joy"
    " I weel heep you seestah"
    At the moment he said seestah, I saw a large Irish man with a big belly who laughs a lot and A burgeoning rockstar with a Tom Cruise smile and an Amish beard.
    Hmmm. I thought while my hair was begining to melt,that was wierd.

    I cried out " Here, grab my repentalizer!, as I pulled a large rifle out of my holster with a Cross and the word FROG painted on the side.

    He shot me five times and the almond joy devil cried and screamed and shrunk back into a regular candy size

    Yah! screamed all the customers. Abdullah ran out from behind the counter and moved the gondola right in front of the door, hoping chocolate dragons who eat people would draw a crowd.

    Joo are free seestah! a little boy with coke bottle glasses and a limp said
    Again I got an image of a gigantic leprechaun and Bono with a scruffy beard. still that was wierd.

    I jangled out of the store, never to be seen again.

  33. triumphantly victorious over unmentionable morsels of delight!
    ride ride ride off into the sunset...blaze that there trail and eat a carrot

  34. Georgia-
    Was it tiny, orange, and barrel-shaped? Ok. did some orange sunshine...

  35. Wow Georgia, that's an adventure at the store.

    Where's John Wayne when you need him, he wouldn't have sissy ran off like Clint.

    Good night all.

  36. Where is everyone? Church?

  37. I dunt see no sissies round here




  39. alberto and stephio


    enjoyed being with you all today...

    i hope the Tribe is able to provide what you envisioned on that song... It sure was sounding good while they were stacked up the staircase, huh??? Especially when not singing the vowels!!! that really sounded better!!! ha!

    We'll work with them again on the 25th (Sunday) and get them doing it just right... and we'll be ready for ya!

    Jess, you looked good today! How's little Brynn??? Any weight gain this weekend???


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