Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Coming soon to a blog near you: A POST!

just hold your horses...

Okay, SO... we got increased yesterday to feeding up to 6 times a day!! I was surprised... once again, things moved faster than I expected. So I had enough hours yesterday to do 5 feedings, today I will do 6. The trouble is, it is so much WORK to eat that she lost a little weight. So they suggested maybe supplementing with a bottle today.... because they add this fortifier with extra calories. BUT bottles are the devil to me, especially just getting breastfeeding going. It's easy for babies to drink a bottle, and then sometimes they don't want to nurse because it's too much work. So pray that she gains a little (or a lot) tonight so we don't have to go there.

Ah, and threatening the camera cable worked. It showed up magically this morning in a place I have searched 5,416 times.

Now, THIS is walking

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Hold your horses is a great saying, no? I love it. Along with horse-whipped, hog-tied, etc. Ah, Texas. I BREATHE you in.


  1. how bout
    "hog heaven"
    "dog days"
    "eager beaver"

    wow 6 feedings! brynn rocks!

  2. Now that's some awesome walking! I was totally smiling watching that and thinking about when Keith will be walking.

  3. Well isn't she just cuter than a speckled pup under a red wagon!!!

    Ok I have another
    PSA May 19th the Saturday before the wedding we are having a big party at TFH. 6 or 7 live bands, food etc.. Be there or be square!

  4. live bands?


    good ones?

    or bands that happen to be alive?

  5. That kid walks very well considering the obstacle course he must manuever! What a mover!

  6. I hope they are good bands. I am sure they are. I haven't heard most of them but Matt has. They are some of the bands from Godstock if you went to that. I will have to get the list from Robert of who is playing. I know one of them is Eternal Volume.

  7. jess, can they supplement via tube at the same time you are nursing, so that the digestive enzymes started in her mouth will help with digestion of your milk AND the formula? i guess i'm saying, maybe if they can tube feed a bit of the high calorie extra strong stuff (just a bit) with each feeding, it may offset her energy depletion...

    but, i'm not a nicu nurse... so, it's just a suggestion...

    or, pump the first milk and save for later, and give her the hindmilk to feed so she gets a lot of the fatty rich growing milk as she nurses...

    ok there's your two bits' worth

    oh, and i have a new blog entry - two, really

    see ya

  8. well, i;m up agin/// fsirt und tsal

  9. Mama PC
    Please email me...

    Nothing serious, just something you might wanna know.


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