Friday, March 9, 2007

leaving you and taking the kids... most of them

We, being spontaneous and fun loving, are taking off to the beach.
It was much less spontaneous than say, 1998. In which, we would just say randomly, lets go- and get in our 1984 Corolla and take off, with no plan.
Less spontaneous than 2000, when we would throw R2 in the backseat and buzz away.
Now, we make reservations. We pack clothes ahead of time. We request hours off work (well, some of us). We pack playpens and strollers and toys and bottles. I google for coupons. I think we're parents.

So, somewhat spontaneously, we are off to Galveston. In our minivan packed with kid gear. By next week, I'll probably be nursing Brynn three times a day, and getting away is less likely, so this is a good time.

Ugh. I am dreading leaving her for 2 days but I know we need this. Expect some good beach pictures of the boys.



  1. Ok, great! Have fun while the rest of us are back here working, losers!
    ...and you can forget about those Jonny Lang tickets!

  2. I'll take those Johnny Lang tickets.

    Packing up for the weekend with kids is SO different. When we go to Shannon's parents for a weekend, 75% of the load is Keith's, and 25% Shannon and I. It's funny how such little people require such big loads!

  3. It's equally as funny how such little people can leave big loads...

  4. funny to Daddy, maybe... some of us have to CLEAN that...

    today it was so bad I just put Toby in the tub and hosed him down

  5. at least it was inside the dipey!
    the hose outside is when it is critical mass!

  6. I was changing a loaded diaper a couple weeks ago, and AS SOON as I pulled it back, Keith sticks his left hand down there and gets it all over. I pull his left hand out, then QUICKLY he gabs his right hand down there. So now I have two poop covered hands to keep out of his mouth and off his chest, while he’s kicking the loaded diaper around the changer! I called for Shannon (good thing she was home). I clean his hands, his legs and hips that are now covered with poop, and it was bath time right away.

  7. I now make sure he has a toy to play with when they're loaded.

  8. that was pretty funny to read & re-live.. ha ha.. picturing the distress in you & the diaper tumbling around.. ya that's so hard when wants to kick when I'm trying to quickly & efficiently wipe him up.

    When I was laughing out loud reading this.. Keith got happy & laughed hearing me laughing. Cute how he loves to join in & connect with me.

  9. Little boys also like to check out the equipment every opportunity that arises.......

    Little girls are perfect....NOT!

    I laughed when I read Josh's comment...I could visualize the entire event...

    You are such a good good daddy to be changing even the fully loaded diapers.......YOU men never seice to amaze me. Spell it like you know what I mean.

    I was raised "knowing" that the male species did not have whatever part of the heart that was required to change dirty babies.

    Another AMERICAN Pagan myth....

    Danish men do everything....

    They really really do.....

  10. Veggie Tale the MOVIE comes on at 2p on TBN..........What time is that in TEXAS anyone know?

    It is either noon or 1p.....

    I cannot find TBN listed on any schedules.

    Does anyone know what the time difference is between TBN announcments and real time for TX?

    I want to record this movie for the little chidlins

  11. Veggie Tales the Movie comes on at 4-5:30 TEXAS time....According to my calculations.....PLEASE correct me if I am wrong so that I can set my VCR.

    After an unfortunate tangle with a clothesline, Bob the Tomato and a van load of Veggie kids find themselves waiting for a tow truck in a rundown seafood joint. They run into the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. They begin to tell the gang an unusual story about a messenger called Jonah. One day Jonah receives a message from God for the Ninevites, but Jonah hates the people of Nineveh. Not only do they lie and steal, worst of all, they slap people with fishes! Instead of delivering the message, Jonah decides to set sail in the opposite direction. But he doesn't get very far - God has a very persuasive way of convincing Jonah to do his job. In typical, hilarious Veggie style, this retelling of a familiar story teaches the deeper lesson: that one of the best gifts you can give or receive is a second chance.

    Program Schedule:
    Special show times:
    Sat 3/10
    2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

    Note: All times are Pacific Time. All programs are subject to change without notice.

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  12. hi jess!
    i kinda miss you.
    me my sister and brothers are spending the night at bedstes

  13. sorry i accidently pushed the send botton and didnt get to finish what i was going to say, were spending the for the whole weekend!were going home on sunday.

  14. HELLO! whatever.
    um goodbye everyone!
    PLEASE TYPE ME BACK! bye brynn.

  15. fun at bedsta's!
    the whole weekend
    now you can do everythinng you want!
    how's your mom doing? you and your sister takin good care of her for spring break
    ok have fun whatever um well ok happy veggie talse

  16. Bedste is very glad that Sunday has finally arrived.....

    Grandchildren were awesome and well behaved..........all weekend.

    Sunday getting ready for church seemed like swimming upstream....

    Thank GOD Jewel came by to dress and pick up Caleb and Jade...

    Very challenging....but surprisingly pleasant and fun fun fun......I expected the fun....but all the LOVE from Izzy was a nice surprise.......He was a mama's boy and now he loves his BEDSTE.....

    He wanted to snuggle in my bed instead of with Madi last night.

    He has my heart.....such a sweety.

    He is a good natured loving easy going fellow....until he SCREAMS


    He has lungs.......and knows how to use them.

  17. WOW.......I just realized that Princess Brynny will be ONE month old this Tuesday........and its a TUESDAY too.....KEWL.....

  18. Wow, Vkg, how many grandbabies does this make for you?

  19. Bad news for Mamapc, The father's house is on a fast until the 21st. I cannot make a boston creme pie unless she comes back after the 21st.

  20. when I change diapers I usually give the baby the pants to play with. This is usually very intriguing, hard to believe, but it works.

  21. Brynny is 11.....

    #12 is due Sept 17th


  22. Hey BLOG must be from Arizona where they do not practice the pagan method of saving daylight.


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