Wednesday, March 28, 2007

time for a nap.... I did the 11 pm feeding and then the 5 and the 8. Each feeding takes about an hour. Cwazy.

So now Toby is down with a bottle and I am fading...

AH! and she gained weight! She is now 4 lbs 8 oz... and we are one step closer to breaking out.

more thinking later, sleep now.


  1. that's quite a feeding regimant!
    brynn will be with her family in her happy home so soon!

  2. Brynn is rockin' the weight gain!

    Wednesday music selection:
    Downhere - Wide-eyed & Mystified (like most the songs), then prob So Much for Substitures

    (I work on some reports for about 4 hours every Wednesday and listen to music)

  3. which would you prefer:
    1. teaching high school 4 hours
    2. reports for 4 hours with music

    what is your preference?

  4. 3. 4 hours of feeding/diaper duty

  5. What could be more fun then investing in the future generation?

    Don't think I'm having a good ol time, it's four hours of spreadsheets... the music keeps me awake.

  6. i like that word "investing" in future generations:
    i guess we all can do something that contributes to a better future in some way...
    now i am outta here to invest in some different endeavors! until tomorrow...

  7. # 1 today

    only 3 more days for March 07

    peace and prosperity and power


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