Wednesday, March 7, 2007

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So, here's the current hair, although it was "fixed" here and is quite a bit flatter today. I like it.... I'm not CRAZY about it, but I am so glad to get rid of the long hair. Toby was a little suspicious, but he warmed up. Next, some drastic hair color... of some kind.

I called to check on Brynn, but her nurse had stepped out, and the other nurse had the nerve to call her "him". Humph. She must not have noticed her hairbow, variety of pink shirts, pink blankets, and large pink stuffed animals. The nerve.

Coming up: a baby shower invitation. This shower is open to the public, so much so that it is stressing me out to try to make a guest list. So consider yourself invited, and spread the word to any who would be interested.
Here's the quote for the insecure or "paranoid of party crashing"...
" Dear (your name). Yes, you are invited to my shower. PLEASE come. I am too lazy to make a massive guest list, but you are not, intentionally, or unintentionally, excluded. YOU, yes YOU are invited! I'll see you there!"

Sonia, Joshes and Yvonne- even you are invited. Come from all the corners of the earth! =)

There is (are?) a variety of small smelly people sitting as close as possible to me to remind me that a) they are awake now and b)they are hungry. So I'm out.


  1. Woohooo - what a chub!! Well, you know, relatively speaking. ;0)

    I'd love to come to your shower and I actually might be in Houston soon, but not that soon. Still, I can't wait to see Brynn if I come - she's a doll.

  2. IN answer to mamapc's questions yesterday.

    Yes, I have twins, Heather and Michael are 21

    I also have Layla she is 25

    And Lacy is 18

    Everybody lives with me. I love that.

    And I will make you a boston creme pie, but I am not as good of a cook as servant who made some last year and I did not get any.

    When are you coming back?
    And now to look at the much requested snow pictures!

  3. Ooooh that was spooky, Jess how did you know I was on? Ooooh scawy.

  4. I didnt get an email.

    Love the snow pictures, Josh, just cant believe its real. It is just so beautiful. Is that near your house where those trees are?It looks like something out of those rudolph movies we all used to watch when we were kids, remember with the abominable snowman coming over the top of the hill and screaming.

  5. whoa...

    very sister-esque hairdoo

  6. I checketh mine email and none cometh forth, o, when o, when, will I getteth my email. It hath not a bill so I know it may henceforth come unhindered, alas, again I ask,
    where cometh mine email?

  7. heck if I know.
    I was seeing if you might be eligible to watch m'boyz tomorrow

  8. Jess, Richy didn't say anything about your haircut, right? He's had to have learned...:)

    (It looks great)

  9. What did you make R1 for breakfast? He was one of the smelly people sitting by you, right?

  10. G- All those pics are from our front and back yard. The one with the sun on the trees is across a small valley from the front of us.

    Oh course I remember rudolph and the abominable snow man… who could forget.

  11. 3/06/07 - HOUSTON) - A few weeks ago, in a tattoo parlor in the hip art deco district of Miami Beach, people were lining up to get "666" tattooed on their bodies, and then smiling through their pain. But these are not devil worshipers. They see themselves as devout followers of Jesus Christ. But the major difference that separates them from other Christians around the world is that the Jesus Christ they worship is alive and well -- and living in the suburbs of Houston.

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  12. Hair cut- I’m neutral. It looks nice, but I neither love it nor hate it. It does look good. You do look a lot like Leah in that pic from the side, holding Toby.

    Baby Shower- Would love to be there, but we shall only be there in spirit and in pocket book.

  13. The WORST things happened this morning. I got some new hookey radio song, from one of the Christian bands that all sound the same theses days, stuck in my head. I couldn’t get it out while I was trying to work. Good thing I had the faithful MP3 player with me, and could expel the perpetrating hookeyness far from my memory.

    Close one… hookey Christian radio songs stuck in the cranium have been know to cause mental breakdowns. I mean, my family depends on me.

  14. Oh Jess, I so wish I could come to your shower!!! Brynn is looking soooo cute! I am checking in every day.


  15. Hi Sonja.......Welcome to the BLOG....

    I have never seen you here before.

    What a precious little one.....

  16. Stef........YOUR day is coming....

    Someone has 3 days without any kids this weekend........and the minivan...


  17. Supern8

    Did you have anything to do with the Hannah Montana fiasco last night?

  18. Sonia
    What is your baby's name? Is it in the hospital with Brynn?

  19. Anonymous, What is your last name?

  20. WE'RE OFF!!!

    to Freedom-land!!!

    Say prayers whilst we're out..

  21. haven't packed yet...

    need to get on the stick, huh???

  22. Mama pc.........

    I think Sonia lives in Japan....

    Where are you going? ARe you finally off to Tailand (spelled?)

    IS everyone going who wanted to go?'
    I am so excited for you.....

    Get OFF the computer and go and pack already!

    God will be with you. I am so happy for you.......

  23. Go mamapc,

    Get some thai people saved!

  24. G
    check thine email
    offer gratefully accepted

  25. I am off as well...

    here I go.

    It's 11:40, still haven't packed yet...


  26. Have a blessed time in Siam!

    Georgia, no (that show was Sunday, btw). It was the house electricians fault...

  27. Hi all,

    We moved to Japan from the US over 4 years ago. We have twin babies, one here on earth - Isaac - and one in heaven in the arms of Jesus - Rachel. They were born at 23 weeks 0 day exactly and Rachel stayed with us for only 102 minutes. Jess gave me great support and encouragement through out my hospital stay (Rachel's water broke at 18 weeks and I was in the hospital the entire time while Rachel fought for 5 more weeks inside me with no water to save her brother's life!) and Isaac's 6 months NICU stay here!

    Nice to "meet" you!


  28. I'll be in Tokyo in some number of hours...

    after a 4 hour flight to SanFran, then a long flight to Tokyo...

  29. is anime as big in Japan as it is in US?

  30. come on spring break!

    thailand is never gonna be the same. a powerful work will be ignited by the crouse team!


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