Thursday, March 29, 2007

Two steps forward, one step back... yesterday they put Brynn on reflux meds, which seems to really be helping with her a's and b's. BUT, she lost an ounce and a half. Currently, I am pumping first and giving her the fattier milk. So I'm not sure what else they'll have me do. But they are pretty supportive of nursing at the hospital, so that's in our favor.

So I don't know anything... as far as going home and whatnot. I'm so tired, I know I'm not thinking straight. And Toby is coming for the laptop wielding a spoon as a weapon, so I better shut it down.


  1. # 1 still

    bloom where you're planted

  2. 1 is the lonliest number....

  3. Ok people two comments all day is pathetic. I know you are out there! You lurkers you. I have an excuse I am busy, working, trying to plan a wedding in less than 2 months and find a place to live, You know little things like that!

  4. Fact of the Day
    The hides of mature female blue sharks are more than twice as thick as those of males, probably as a protection against courtship bites.


  5. disturbing?

    wha'ts distrubing???

    i'll tell you distrubing....

    i just started reading SHOWDOWN by Decker....

    now that eyeball part was a bit distrubing....

    and the wart part was even more...distrubing....

    but, it looks like it's gonna be a good read...

    is this the book that han said was too much????

    i think the guy has a way with plts and twists...doesn't he?


    that's all from me for now... i'm finally waking up!!!! yipee and yowswer!!!!

  6. When I was about five years old, I would "play" on the family's piano and wonder who gave the piano tuner the right to decide which notes I could play. I wanted to know about the other notes that were between the keys. I tried playing adjacent notes at the same time, but decided that it didn't sound very good and wasn't really the same thing as playing the in between notes.

    Years later I read about purely tuned intervals and how our modern tuning system deviates from these intervals and is actually based on the twelfth root of two, an irrational number!

    This seemed scandalous to me. I felt like I discovered a great historical secret. I would tell others about this, but they never seemed to care that much. I felt that I needed to try out different tunings. I wanted to play with purely tuned intervals. I also wanted to try scales based on other irrational numbers and find out if this was a valid approach to making interesting music.

    My first experiments involved acoustic instruments. I had a little harp that I would tune to just intonation. I experimented with using a slide on a guitar to play microtones. I even made a primitive clarinet like instrument that played septimal intervals like 7/6 and 7/4.

    I eventually got an electronic keyboard that could be retuned. This is when my interest really took off.

    Just an FYI.

  7. that is an interesting FYI. Although my brain quit following about 1/3 of the way through.

    Ted Dekker.... the disturbing/gross ones are Showdown, Obsessed (I have read) and House and Skin (I did not read)

    Really, I would just recommend Blessed Child and A man called Blessed, Blink (my favorite), the Circle Trilogy (red, black and white) and maybe Saint. Three is amazing, but a little disturbing. Or maybe a lot, depending on what disturbs you.

  8. So im a little one is bloging at 10...

    my son ate his first bug yesterday... he didn't like it.

  9. Two steps forward and one step back is still one step ahead of where you were before.

    You and your little princess are AMAZING, Jess! You are doing a GREAT job! Hang in there -- It won't be long and SHE will be running after you with the spoon! =)

  10. Hey guys I know I haven't been on here in awhile, I'm sorry. But I need urgent prayer requests, please. I am going through alot right now I don't to mention everything thats' going on on here but it's urgent. please pray.

    thank you

  11. interesting anon FYI

    who are you?

    that kind of stuff is awesome!

    I love brain stuff


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