Thursday, March 8, 2007

Bleh. So I have thrush. Which is a minor kinda infection, but infectious... so I can't breastfeed until it's over. Which, might be 24 hours after I take the mighty drug Diflucan today. But a bummer, nonetheless.
On the bright side, I thought I wouldn't be able to see Brynn today until R1 got home from work. But Georgia "Boston Cream Pie" has saved the day. So I will be going to WalMart for the drugs... then off to see my baby.

I will be home this afternoon, if anyone feels like blogging. Slackers.

If you haven't seen the baby shower invite, check it. You are invited. Unless you are a psycho. Unless you are a psycho who is related, in which case you are still invited.

these guys need haircuts

For the Divas-


  1. btw, i love your hair

    the boys have lovely hair

    brynn is lovely

  2. Might I suggest a nice Sponge Bob doll instead of STUPID Bart Simpson!!

  3. tres commentos + uno = quatro

    what's the word for the day?

  4. He is the cutest 14 1/2 month old in the WORLD!

    No contest!

    I think I have the Toby Richy Jessica bug......o no.....

  5. btw and ftr(fortherecord)
    this year, science teacher
    we blow things up this year


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