Wednesday, March 14, 2007

marninnoonish update

Beach pictures!!

We have had a good turnaround today! Thank you for praying... please keep it up!
As of this morning, Brynn was 3 pounds 12 ounces! She has had very few apnea/bradycardia episodes and her oxygen saturation is back where it should be... praise God.
I should be able to nurse her again tonight... I have taken the appropriate amount of drugs.

vkg will be here momentarily to take posession of these chilluns, and then I will be off to my second home.


  1. Yipppeeeee

    Hey Happy Clammy!

    It is RAINING.....Sunshine is GONE

    But it is still a beautiful day.

    ANYONE going to the SHOWER?

    BethC.....are ya gonna be there or be square?

  2. Will their be alcoholic beverages at this shower?

  3. Word of the Day
    Pronunciation: /HAR-I-dan/
    n : a scolding woman
    "Alice secretly thought of her mother in law as a nasty harridan."

  4. Yes, my mama would also like to know if they will be serving bevs there.

  5. Ouch...........

    Who is ALICE?

    Maybe someone will make the standard gingerale/sherbert punch..
    Is Sharon coming? She always makes is great....

    Does anyone need a punch bowl set?

    I know where two are.$5 each.......

    Nice .....

    Do we need one at Church?

    Do we need one for Saturday?


    Toby is NOT constipated.....just fyi......GEEZE

    Thanks to his mother he is NOT wearing pink....but we needed the extra clothes......almost tossed the little guy into the tub..

    it was BAAAD

  6. Very cute / fun pics. Toby is sporting a gotee already, cool.

    Byrnn is on her way to being a four pound fatty.

    Time to go home, where my in-laws are visiting for the day.

    My mother-in-law is not a harridan.

    I wonder what Jessica thinks abour her secretly MIL

  7. I can honestly tell you Josharooni that I am her FAVORITE MIL ever....

    The BEST BEDSTE in the WORLD!

  8. Hey Jess.....YOU can HAVE my family heirloom China Cabinet....
    just say the word....


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