Friday, March 30, 2007

good night...
i will blog when i awake.

so, as soon as I typed that and laid down, Richy's movie crashed and Toby had a blowout diaper of Biblical proportions. One DVD cleaning and restart, diaper change, scrubdown, outfit change, and crib bedding change later... oh, and another bottle.... I went back to bed and slept for 2 hours. During that time I did not answer the phone, as I WAS SLEEPING. Since I am normally so good about answering, (maniacal laughter) Richy and my mom decided I must be lying in a pool of blood somewhere and so on.
After I WOKE UP, I called them and reassured them I was only "mostly dead" and then met Richy and had some McDonalds with the fam.

Brynn gained 3 oz last night! So she is now 4 lbs 9 oz... AWESOME. She had 3 bradys last night, which were not a big deal, and it seems like her new meds are working. And she is looking so, so cute. She's just a baby doll. I went up there at 11 pm, 5 am, and 8 am for feedings, and then I won't be able to go back up until 8 tonight. I wonder what her little brain goes through...

We are getting close to getting out. Every doctor has slightly different things they're looking for, so I'm hoping to hit up my favorite one on Monday and start working on our escape.


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  2. hey everyone please pray for me. i have an urgent prayer request. i would rather not mention everything on here right now but you will find out sooner than later probably. but please pray going through some serious stuff right now. ty

  3. Interesting that Beth would post that when I was coming on to say some engineers in the isle next to me a talkin' some serious smack on Macs.

  4. Hey Katie. Sorry to hear things are rough. Praying for God's wisdom and help in your time of need.

  5. sounds serious katie
    are you in Houston?
    is it medical? friends? family?

    I call on the Name of the Lord to rescue katie in this situation
    peace and protection

  6. people only talk smack about Macs when they are un-informed of their vast superiority.

    Example: While in Thailand Linsdey got on to Han and I when we jokingly/seriously said "If the computer running the projector were a mac, they wouldn't be having these problems"

    She said "I hate it when people say that, it's a computer, they all work the same, they all break down, they all get viruses."

    Han and I kinda laughed, and said "no, they don't" Macs break when they're used wrong, or physically broken. PCs break, just to break; and get's just what they do.

    She was a little taken back.

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  8. let's just say im coming back to conroe. ill probably see all of you soon

    is a neat blog for budgeting and financial discussions

    i also have my own blogs, "kingdom finances"(listed on the side of jess') just in case you haven't visited in a while

  10. I don't know Napalm, one of the guys daughter has a Mac, so he has experiance.

  11. I dunno...

    ask any genuine mac user(with intelligence and slight computer capability/know-how) and they'll tell you that PC's just can't keep up. The ONLY thing they're useful for these days is gaming. Macs run Windows, macs have the same processors...they do calculations the same/better since Mac OS X doesn't require all the nonsensical resources that windows does.

    macs just make sense

  12. Do you think Jess is still sleeping? it said she would blog when she woke up. Maybe someone should go check on her... Katie I am sorry to here you are having problems, I will be praying for you and may you have the peace of God no matter the storm.

  13. Well, it's about bleepin' time!

  14. Ok, I'll shut up.

    Look, I'm shutting up now...

    I'm not talking anymore...

    Complete silence....

    No more talking.....

    I'm shutting up.....

    Your mama!

  15. who IS that wise-crack anonomi?

  16. 7Pm SAnctuary ROB CLARK live recording .........

    BE THERE or maybe you R Square!

  17. WOW.........what awesome peaceful worship......

  18. Well, Keith statred walking today!! He'll be 1 in two weeks!

  19. congrats! petersonions... walking

    it seems like more than a year ago that all of you had your babies....

    toby, isaac, keith, jenna

    this must've been a busy year. it seems 3 years long.

    i requested time off again for our 26th anniversary end of May. we won't travel SO far... but, me and my man will go and do SOMETHING together! i'll take off thurs and fri from work... and i think mon of that week is Mem Day, so it will be a short work0week for sho!


    john and my kids said the recording session was very good.... sorry i wasn't able to make it...

    all of you have a good GOD week and hopefully i'll run into a bunch of yas on Tues night at the Passover Meeting... I hear Leah will be there, along with other powerful dance warriors!

    Wear your CAMO!!!!!

    good day to all!!!


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