Thursday, March 15, 2007

No title... boring

Brynn is 3.13 today. We are a day or two away from 4 POUNDS! WAHOOO!
The breastfeeding session went great. She ate for 23 minutes and then she just laid there groaning... seriously. It was so Post-Thanksgiving regret... I was laughing and laughing at her.
So today maybe they can cut back on the O2 flow and start to get her back off that cannula. Right now, it's just blowing regular room air at a certain pressure... the doctors compared it to having a fan blowing in your face. Just keeps her remembering to breathe.
She had a much better day yesterday. Your prayers are working- keep 'em coming!

It's a season of struggle, isn't it? I am something of a casualty of war... I just quit. Almost 3 years ago. And yet, there is a vein in me, an internal struggle to keep going, to pursue God. To believe for more. And I can't kill that. I've tried. But you know what? I believe in supernatural healing. I believe that we can see cross-generational transformation, reformation in the American church. I don't pray, much. I don't read the Bible. I am seeing signs of spiritual rigor mortis. And yet... there's blood flowing somewhere. Pray for me, too, friends. I may just wake up.
But body-wide, there's a struggle. And some are falling. We need to pray for each other, to bear each other up... to speak up. (preaching to myself)
All that to say: don't give up. We're all fighting this battle.


  1. What is up? No blogging yet? Do bloggers only come out at night?
    Interesting, indeed!


  2. ev1 ck ur email


  4. We got 7 feet of snow today... I'll never get home.

  5. That's funny... we got 7 feet of snow, too. Go figure

  6. I know, the weather is crazy everywhere these days.

  7. I think that the reason SANJAYA is still because all of his family is voting over and over again and all of his native country.......and all of his friends too.....HOW ELSE COULD HE HAVE HUNG ON SO LONG>>>>>>GIVE ME A BREAK!

  8. HEY JESS.........some people that I have emailed are unable to open the mapquest map......

    Can you please add your actual address to the invite so that all can google it themselves?


  9. Good MARNIN!

    Everyone is either in Tialand or Galveston for Spring Break......

    Where is good OLD HARVY?

    Happy FRIDAY!

  10. This is the Jess-Josh-Shannon-Georgia-Beth-Beth-Anonymous-VKG BLOG..

    Where have all the people gone?

    Jess, Brynn is such a strong little Princess....It was so wonderful to see her in her "crib" all bundled up.

    she looks like a sweet little baby doll....

    Your heart is being stirred up again because it is safe......

    We close off because we don't want anymore pain.

    You are so honest and wonderful Jessica......and YOU will sail right through this along with BRYNN and there will be LIFE and Freedom and excitement.....and bumps....along the way.....

    But GOD!


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