Tuesday, March 20, 2007


So there's a little overview... it was very fun and my hostesses were adorable...

Yesterday I got to feed Brynn twice. If she tolerated it well... meaning she digested it and gained weight, I should be able to do so again today...
I am not sure when she's coming home... nobody is saying anything right now... she is still having too many bradycardias. (sigh) But it could be in two weeks... we'd just need her to grow out of this quickly.
Yesterday she was 4 lbs 1 oz. What a fatty.


  1. so 50's, hoppin'

    there's no such thing as too much cake!

  2. who is the only band (I know of) that wrote a song with my name?

  3. Looks like a fun hoppin' time. Just 25 days till Keith gets to dive into some cake!

    Check this:

    WALES TOWNSHIP, Michigan (AP) -- A church was planning a Sunday moment of silence for what the pastor called a model member of his congregation: a wild turkey.

    The turkey, which died last week after being hit by a car, regularly attended Sunday services and greeted people as they arrived, said the Rev. James Huff, pastor of Lambs United Methodist Church in St. Clair County.

    "He would kind of wait for me to come in," Huff told the Times Herald of Port Huron. "He knew when I got there. Service was about to begin, and then he would sit on one lady's car until we were done."

    The animal had been hanging around since late last year and quickly became known for its fearless attitude. Some people said it showed up every morning at the community's bus stop and chased children. Others enjoyed watching the bird strut down the street, trying to impress female turkeys.

    "We've got so many pictures of it," said Douglas Bishop, the church's music director. "It was like our mascot."

  4. love the turkey story - so sweet

  5. jet lugged

    no, beth c is not 50... i think she was referring to the baby shower theme...

    anonomi, who thou be??? i think i know... but, just wondering if i be right???

    give us 3 hints..

    let me go see if i can find sing sing.... wonder how many babies there are???

    headache... gonna get some coffee... just slept about 12 hours...and it doesn't feel like enough...


  6. we have a winner!
    yes, the band KISS!
    so, 70's!

  7. hey josharoo......you around??

  8. Hey Jess.....anyone.......hello

  9. I just heard on the news that Ryan Green was killed in Iraq. He graduated from Caney Creek, and came to the youth group, back in the day. He was involved in a home group that Josh and Julie had. You all will have to probably look up pictures online. He had braces. Very meek sweet guy, always very respectful. Don't know when his funeral is, but thought that some of you all might want to know.

  10. I thought his name was familiar... how sad

  11. I saw a picture... definitely remember him

  12. Wow, that’s very sad. I knew the name, but had to look him up to get the face since it’s been so long. He came to Julie and my homegroup a little, but I think he was closer to the Midway bunch. He did come to RG many times. Very, very sad. . .

    Click here for article, and link to video at the top of page.

  13. He wore glassed back then, if that helps anyone. He was a nice guy, and I remember him loving God and talking about wanting to join the military.

    So sad.


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