Thursday, March 22, 2007


I have such a great video of Toby walking... but where is the camera cord? GOOD question. Heck if I know.

Well, they have upped Brynn to 3 feedings a day, which was quicker than I expected and very exciting. It's a little difficult to work, though, because she will do better if I don't do back-to-back feedings... eating is hard work and she needs her rest! So she eats at 8 11 2 and 5... So today, I am trying to do 11 5 and then 11 tonight... the tricky part is the 5 .... I think I'm taking Toby to VKG at work for an hour or so, and keeping R2 with me. Tomorrow, I may do all night feedings... Saturday it gets easier because Daddy is home and I can go up to the hospital whenever...
It makes my brain tired. ANYWAY. Yesterday, I did consecutive feedings at 2 and 5... and she lost 11 grams. Humph. Just burned too many calories, I guess. I expect her to gain today when I space it out, hopefu8juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu8uuuu. (fixed the u key! hooray!) hopefully.

Not very interesting stuff, unless you're me, or just particularly voyeuristic.

In other news, there is no news. Al Gore. Britney. Iran. blah blah blah.


  1. i was just thinkin about
    "howdy duty"

    vigilent feeding "mommy"-energy

    streams of mental, physical, spiritual exercises.

    classes/students are sleep-dprived and difficult to teach ANYTHING!

  2. sos so so sos sos so so so so so

    so alone

    anybody checked my blogs lately?

  3. What's up? It is really slow in here lately. Where did everyone go? Or all you all just lurking around waiting for someone else to say something like I usually do? So I went to see Nigel McNeill last night. And it was good. He has such a strong anointing. It seems to get stronger every time I see him. But I guess that is how it should be. Although at the end I was on the floor and someone stepped on my shoulder hard! It popped and it is still soar. Who knew going to church could be dangerous.

  4. I got stepped on at a Nigel meeting one night. A lady with a high heel left a dent in my forhead. Kathy McNeil came over to me and said, Are you alright? I didn't feel anything but had the war wound anyway. Floor duty can be hazardous to your natural man!

  5. Jennifer- Win the ebay auction?

    I've had fingers stepped on a couple times.

  6. Man.....BRYNN is a beauty!

    REALLY.......She is!

    She looks exactly like TOBY.....

    Well, not exactly...but pretty dad gum close....

    What a princess.....O my gosh.

    I had not seen her in 3 days and she has turned into a beautiful little baby.....she doesn't look so small and fragile now.....she looks like Toby did....

    O my goodness.....what a little sweety pie.....

    I got to change a diaper today.

    What a morning.

    Today was a great Thursday.

    Toby was the hit of R2R....

    He acts like he owns the place no matter where he goes.

    Mexico in the MORNING....

    Here I come Christian!

    I can't wait to get my arms around that little man.


  7. frist...

    up since 4:45

    some call that laziness

    I call it jet lag.

  8. "Change your beliefs and you Change your behavior.
    Change your behaviors and you change your results.
    Change your results and you change your life."
    "Conquer Fear!" by Lisa Jimenez


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