Monday, March 5, 2007

nothin but blue skies


This one's a size gauge.... see Richy's hand? and she is holding his wedding ring.

Well.. we had a good weekend. Brynn, as of yesterday, was up to 2 lbs 14 oz... I expect she has gained more by now. 3 pounds, here we come!!
I have been able to nurse her twice.... she's a pro, of course. Except for the whole breathing thing. She considers that somewhat optional. She now has several designer outfits from Grandma's boutique... all the nurses say she is the best dressed baby they've ever had.
So here we go, the "eating and growing" stage before we can make our break. It's not a weight limit they are looking for... they want her to be able to take all her feedings by mouth (currently she takes 1 of 8), be able to maintain her own temperature in a crib (she's still in an incubator), and be holding and gaining weight. So we're planning on less than a month, and I am trying not to get my hopes up for sooner, since she's such a fast learner.
So this week I will be there most of the day today and tomorrow, part of the day Weds... and Thursday and Friday depend on the kindness and legality of sisters.

In other news, R2 has learned to dress himself. We're so proud.


  1. ha ha ha! GOOD job Richy! How cute, I could just imagine a little Jessica Clark dressing herself. i bet that was interesting!

    That pic of Brynn w/ Richy is so beautiful!

  2. wow, the ring brings Brynn into perspective...

    the boys look great too!
    such independence, and color coordinating skills

  3. 1905: On March 4, Theodore Roosevelt gave what is now a famous inaugural address. He began, "My fellow-citizens, no people on earth have more cause to be thankful than ours, and this is said reverently, in no spirit of boastfulness in our own strength, but with gratitude to the Giver of Good who has blessed us with the conditions which have enabled us to achieve so large a measure of well-being and of happiness."

  4. did ya'll get the date from yesterday
    march forth! (fourth, 4th)
    onward, let's go!

  5. Go R2! I am still laughing over that one.

  6. My only question is, why does R2 even owns a pink Adidas shirt?

    I'm not liking the looks of things. First Toby in one of Brynn's future dresses, and then we learn R2 owns a pink Adidas shirt.

    Maybe I need to come back to Texas and straiten some things out.

  7. And yes, that is a cute pic of Richy holding Brynn, and very awesome she's gaining weight.

    But those boys... I'm concerned about those boys....

  8. I know of a PINK outfit that TOBY could wear to match his big brothers outfit......LOL

    R2 shocked me last week....I tossed his socks in his general direction, while I mumbled "those are for Richy" and then I went to dress Toby and when I came back to the Living Room, R2 had put onn his own socks.....HE is such a big little man....

  9. Yes, indeed, Keith is so very, very cute! Just think how extra cute he'd be in pink?!

  10. Perhaps Keith needs some pink outfits so that he can keep up with the Clarks!

  11. "What are the three words guaranteed to humiliate men everywhere? . . .'Hold my purse.'"
    - Francois Morency

  12. No quotes from the french please!

    Besides maybe his name should be Francois Moron...purses were carried by men long before women started using them...

  13. purses could make a comeback

  14. Seinfeld calls it a European carrying case or something like that.........

    Remember the episode with Jerry in a fur coat and a purse....

    Brynn is a true Princess......
    She is so beautiful....I think she is going to have Hazel Eyes....

    Her eyes are so Mercy's and Madi's were....

    It seems like Richy and Caleb and Jade and Tobey all had lighter blue eyes when they were born.


  15. Any free time to play on BLOG and HALP your Favorite Mother is law?

  16. Never Mind Jess.........

    I grewed up!



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