Tuesday, September 16, 2008

tuesday morning

Wow. What a weekend you Texans have had. It looks like Conroe and the Woodlands are getting power back today.
This link will take you to the Channel 11 forums, where a lot of local people are asking questions and getting answers.

My resource blog post

From what we've heard and seen, Bolivar Peninsula was the hardest hit, by far. Most of the houses are just gone, empty foundations are all that are left. Galveston has a ton of debris, and structural damage, but not the devastation that was initially reported. The storm surge was pretty intense, and everything was under water for a while, so lots of work to be done.

Have you seen the pictures of the boats on the freeway? Crazy. Houston had a lot of flooding, I-10 was completely under water by TC Jester. Sounds like Conroe and the Woodlands have TONS of trees down, and pretty much everyone lost power.

But the reconstruction process has begun. Here's the thing, the news is deliberately negative. They're showing all the city/state/Federal officials bickering and the gripers at the gas station. Ignore all that. Everyone we've talked to in person tells stories of neighbors chipping in, and community and kindness. That's what I wanted to hear, because that's the Texas I know. Sappy, but true.

Mama and Bob are back from Austin, and got power back today. Have not heard from G. Leah and Nate are in Tulsa, and Calvin has trees down and no lights but he's fine. Rob and Steph are out at Eva's and are supposed to be getting some help and supplies today.

Update: I forgot to talk here about Richy's grandparents! What a schmuck I am! They had a tree fall on their house, and it is pretty much irreparable, from what I understand.

Feel free to post needs here, so we can help each other.


  1. Hi all my power just came back on about a little bit ago. So excited the kids ran to the tv. We fare pretty well but my parents ended up with a tree on there house and some major damage. So Derek and I have been out there trying to protect there stuff because there where in Mexico with the Reicherts. But they got back last night and today moved all there stuff out of the house. Madison is very sad that they won't live there anymore she loved that house.

  2. Robert and Teresa lost 10 trees. One big one took out there porch, carport and Roberts shop but there house is ok only a little damage to the front bedroom.

  3. I saw Georgia Sunday. Her and Mike where still all in one piece.

  4. Maybe lights will be on by tomorrow......Cut N Shoot needs electricity too.....

    resources at your fingertips..

    Jess...you are so amazing

  5. I heard that east county is the worst and they where saying it would be around 20 more days. But there are trucks everywhere out there so maybe sooner.

  6. Got a text from Jere at 7 PM saying he waited in line to get gas for 3 1/2 hours yesterday.

    BUT, then I got a text just before 10 PM (nidnight in TX) saying they just got power back!!

    They live behind Target at 1-45 and Hwy 105, so hopefully most of Conroe has or is getting power soon.

  7. I keep reading through here to see if anyone has commented about my mom and dad loosing their house. But nothings on here. Also, Richy's dad's best friend died of a heart attack in his sleep over the weekend. He has lost his best friend. If you are willing to pray for those that are in need, please pray for my elderly parents and my brother. I know you can get through to them because you have been able to talk to Bobby and Steph. Dad's cell is 936.203.1085 his name is Buddy. My brother's name is Lynn and his cell number is 281.748.5676. Visitation for his friend Jim is Thursday from 5-8:00pm. (I'm not sure just where yet)and the funeral is on Friday sometime. I only tell you this because I believe in specific prayers and timely praying. Jim's daughter just had a new baby girl. I think she's 5 months. My parents mailing address (if you want to send encouraging cards or notes) is Buddy & Ruby Clark - 115 Magnolia Lane, Conroe, TX 77304. I don't have Lynn's address with me. But you can send cards and notes to me and I'll make sure he gets them. Tammy Clark P.O. Box 1771 Conroe, TX 77305. Thank you so much and everyone please stay safe and continue to pray for all the folks that are in even more of a devestated state than we are.

  8. Tammy-
    thanks for posting that! Please, everyone feel free to share needs and prayer requests here and let's help where we can!

  9. Montgomery County POD's : (this is it!)

    Fellowship of The Woodlands, #1 Fellowship Drive (water only)
    Magnolia High School, FM 1488 at 149
    Commissioner's Barn, 23628 Roberts Road (FM 1485 at Loop 494)
    Willis Community Center, 600 Gerald

    Our prayers and concerns are with the Clarks! - Richy


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