Thursday, September 4, 2008


I just got home from dropping Richy off at school. Today will be his first full day.

This morning I woke up at 5, and couldn't go back to sleep. What if he has a seizure, I thought. What if he takes his scleral shell out? Will they know what to do? Maybe I should talk to the nurse. I don't know if he's ever kept his shoes on for a whole day before... just thoughts.

We parked in the parking lot and packed the babies in the stroller under a light rain. Richy was playing with a baby toy in the backseat, and I said "You have to leave that here, honey."

Elly (the autism coordinator) walked us to the special class and pretty soon, someone came and held my baby's hand and walked him into their kitchen, so he could put his own lunch in the fridge. And I was just standing there with the babies and the teacher...

I talked to the teacher for a while, just trying to get a feel for how connected can parents be... and then I went in the kitchen to say goodbye. He was busy, sitting at the table with the other specials and eating a muffin. I knelt down and said goodbye, and got a stiff little hug and kiss.

And then Toby and Bean and I walked out in the rain and left him there. I have no doubt he will have a terrific time, and learn so many skills toward independence. It's just hitting me that independence means less dependence on me.


  1. His Bedste is so proud and tearing up so I know his Mommy did too.

    Jess.....I am so proud of you..I know it is hard...You made this happen..and it is good.

    He will probably be potty trained and digging in the fridge looking for Christmas.

  2. He is going to be just fine. You've done a super job.
    Did you hear what Sarah pallin said about special need? i cried.Mama

  3. I choked up when she said that...

  4. independance painfull but needed!!! It is awesome to grow from strength to srength in love with our children.... what little they know how there's so much apart of our grouth...

  5. What a big boy!

    Great points, Matt!

  6. Way to go Richy!
    Why is it kids are usually ready to leave us before we're ready to let them go? This is a question my mom continually ponders - even w/ 2 kids living pretty distant (700 & 1700 miles). Heck, I only live an hour away and she's ready to cry when I leave after a weekend.
    I'm proud of you for making this choice for him to go out and explore the world, but know he'll always come home to his mama...

    ~ misskerri

  7. Wow! That Sarah Palin! She kicked butt - excuse me - but she did. Now I'm getting excited about the elections.


  8. I cried too. I thought when she addressed the families of special needs kids, that she was talking to all of us.-G

  9. I am very excited about McCain and Palin..

    They are a great team and I pray they make it all the way to the White House....

    Hope for our Nation

  10. Need details on R2 attitude when he came home from school....happy, tired, excited, or what? any more pics?

    Bedste needs to know


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