Monday, September 22, 2008

Here we gooooo

It is now 11:45 on Monday morning. My husband has a 2:40 flight to San Diego. The airport is one hour away. 

Has he begun packing? Packed guitars and such? Showered? Uh. No. 

Has he sung at the top of his lungs into his microphone, into his new effects unit, for half an hour? Uh. Yes. 

So the current plan is leave for the airport by 12:30, stop for fast food and a run-in trip to Old Navy, and then to the planes. We shall see. 

Would I say that my lunch is threatened? Yes. I would say that.

In other news, my sister is coming to see me tomorrow and that will be SO FUN! 

Oh, and Daniel got here last night... after driving all day. He technically lives here now, although he will unpack his suitcase in San Diego, and stay there for 2 weeks, then he will actually move in. It's amazing how little possessions a single guy travels with. Clothes? Check. Twin mattress? Check. Oversized wall clock? Check. Multiple guitar amps? Check. Good to go.

Late breaking update: he just requested that I pack some essentials for him. 11:58
Later breaking: toilet overflows, flooding bathroom 12:00


  1. Yay for electricity!!!! And all the other conveniences of life!!

    No hurricane damage here, thankfully. Just no electric, no water. Just now getting back on the computer b/c (like Jennifer) I'm busy w/ the baby and the boys are computer hogs after being without for a week!

    We just got power back late Friday afternoon. I'm so glad -- b/c I was done "camping" in my house. It was fun for awhile, but by Friday it was enough. God knew and had mercy. =)

    It's really been AMAZING to see God's provision through it all -- from the cooler weather to a full moon to light up the night, to food, even to the air in the car's tires. Lots of cool things happened -- we never had to wait in line for gas, even -- someone gave Mark 10 gallons of gas so he could drive his route.

    Oh, and the most amazing miracle of all -- the boys were in bed, ASLEEP by 9:30 each night. Not a small task. If they are in bed by 10, we're doing good. Asleep is another issue. Now how to keep that up...=)

    Glad to hear from ya'll. I missed ya! At church yesterday, it seemed like months since we had seen everyone.

  2. Oh, and I am absolutely in LOVE with those twin baby girls....congrats to your friends!

    And no, we are NOT trying for a girl. This was the try. I am too old and too tired to have any more babies.

    We think we'll adopt sometime in the future -- but we are still trying to figure out how to take care of the current four. =)

    Gotta go -- #4 is waking up and wants food. He's just so stinkin' cute. =)

  3. God has provided so many things...

    FYI everyone with HOME OWNERS insurance.......

    they covered all the food lost in my freezer and now we just have to wait for the grocery stores to get food again.....

    Wal-Mart had so many empty shelves...

    I went for hamburger meat....and had to choose between Briskit or Chicken Leg Quarters....seriously...

    Briskit is being cooked in oven as if it were a roast......I do not have 12 hours to do it correctly....fridge is bare and we are HUNGRY.....

    so it might be a bit tough but so is food!

  4. Good to hear from more people that all are well.

    Today has been a rather boring day at work, BUT...

    I just published Shannon pregnant pictures on my blog. Click it and leave her a comment.

  5. A Russian woman holds the record for having the most children. Between 1725 and 1765, she was pregnant 27 times and had 69 children.

  6. Yippeee for she staying long......hope so..I know it will be great for the kids to see each other..

    I enjoy sitting around a bunch of little cousins all playing and making happy noises....

    Fun will be had by all....

  7. Just added more pictures.

    Jess- go look again.

  8. REVIVAL FIRE is being poured out i have been praying for God to give me a heart for the lost and to stirr my heart to love agian... and its stirring thank God for Jeff Garwin a burning man in Conroe @ Christ The King church!!!!!

  9. Meredith called me this morning.. at 9am her water broke!

    She wanted me to let everyone know.. & also that they won't be wanting company over to their home for awhile. : ) Yay, my niece will be here soon. <3


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