Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Friday!

First things first... got a dollar? $5? $1000? Please donate something to this family! The Bohlenders

Randy and Kelsey are front-line in the adoption movement. Last week they flew to Florida and adopted twins with less than one day's notice. They saw a crisis situation and they intervened. You might not know this, but adoption costs lots and lots of money. It needs to be reformed, but currently you could easily pay $25,000 for an adoption. Randy and Kelsey have to raise about $15,000 to pay for the twins' adoption, so please give. I know you don't know them, but I do and they are worth it. So go over to Randy's site and donate, even if it's just a little bit. And let me know because it will make me so happy!

Hopefully next year I'll be hitting you up for my own adoption expenses! :)

And now, a family update. The MOG is still in San Diego, considering staying longer. Honestly, it's not that much of a sacrifice to send him because I know history is shaped by the intercessor. (not my words)
R2 is digging school, pretty disgruntled about home. Weekends are hard to explain to him.

Toby is on 150% all the time. Yesterday he found a triangular brown piece of plastic and was holding it to his chin like a goatee. "Look, I Daddy!" he says.... awesome

and Bean is trying to walk and eating as much as possible and just being adorable in general.

And I am enjoying my babies and RELISHING the couple of hours after they go to sleep... last night I OD'd on chocolate donuts and Everybody Loves Raymond... had to be done.

Oh, and I stand corrected... the wheels on the bus evidently go "Beep".


  1. How smart.....maybe he is thinking about the sound when they back up Mom? Beep Beep Beep.....He is so observant sometimes......

  2. Pam
    I am sorry for the loss in your family. We have our son, Stephen, that we look forward to meeting in eternity. He would have been 20 last July 1st.

    Also, pray for intervention for Alex, Bobby's infant son who we have not been allowed to see or be involved with and the mother is now unable to care for him, and Bobby's been trying to establish custody.

  3. Hi everyone!

    Jeremy & Meredith would really like to have visitors now. Since they are staying a little longer than they would have- due to Rachel's jaundice.. they are desiring some sweet friends to come by. They would have been leaving today.. if levels go down just a little by tomorrow they'll get to leave.

    Visiting ends at 9pm there.
    They are at the Woodlands' St. Luke*Room201
    So if you want~ hurry over.

  4. My niece is adorable.. desiring to hold her too.

  5. Jess - seeing as he's the one who rides the bus I guess he knows what's what.... I love how kids interpret their world, its never quite what I expect

  6. I repeat Beth's request. Please pray for Alex. This little guy needs a family that loves him and he can't be with us right now. His mommy is not good to anyone in the state she is in. Pray that Bobby will get custody and Beth will finally get to hold her grandson.-G

  7. I will give to the Roehlanders
    5 or 20.....

    I will give something this weekend.....with my credit card or something....

    thanks Jess.....for the info.

    God bless these wonderful people for embracing this opportunity and loving these children.....

  8. what a cute little man waiting for his school bus!

    i LOVED hearing his 'beep beep beep'!

    and in tune! he's a musician for sure!

    sometimes when I get excited in intercession/praise/worship, i remind myself of R2's movements of praise - he's got it!

    i love you all

  9. the new family of 3 are home today!!
    Jeremy & Meredith & little Rachel

    how nice!

  10. I'm always bummed when I figure out I'm not going to get a new post... because it's the weekend!!! Especially when I'm hundreds of miles away! - Richy

  11. ahhh, poor Richy....

  12. Hey Jess.......Happy Monday..

    Waiting for the School bus with Caleb and Jade and Izzy.....

    Love you


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