Thursday, September 18, 2008

Daniel is on his way to KC this weekend... to move in to the basement for a few hours before he and the MOG fly off to San Diego for ministry. Then he'll move in for reals once they get back.

It's a new chapter, and I am excited about having people in our life again.


  1. I posted on the wrong day. CTK and TFH have power!! Woo Hoo!

  2. Not sure who all has lights out there. Sorry.

  3. Great news about the power at the churches! Yee haw!!! (Is that Texan enough for ya?)

    We found someone to remove the two huge trees (one on the roof)& clean up our yard for a very good price. They will get started this weekend. I just did not know if I could lift that rake & push that wheel barrow one more time. We are tired - everyone is exhausted that I talk to.

    The next thing we deal with is the insurance. That ought to be fun (not). Hopefully they will replace our fences & any part of the roof that might have damage.

    I found out an old friend of mine that recently moved back into the area is at Conroe Regional. She was rushed there earlier this week - she almost died! But I cannot remember what her married name is. I will see if Pam can seek her out. She is no longer serving Christ and has become very involved in some type of spirtualist stuff. I would really like to pay her a visit.

    Pam, if you read this, her first name is Darnell (husband is Dale).


  4. sivad, call me tamale

    wahoo! we got power last night
    and papa jc almost cried! we are now even finding ourselves going to the bathroom or doing laundry in the dark! cause we're accustomed to no power....


    time warp of some kind when there is no power for almost 4 days

    i've been off work because of a fall - went to dr today and got released to go back to work friday

    still sore and prob take a muscle relaxer tonight - hope i wake up in the morning - never took one of these before :-)

  5. pam, u fell at work or home?

    our power is on today too!

    there is so much to do, we don't know where to start....

    school probably starts back on monday

  6. from courier online:

    Portions of Conroe, River Plantation, Panorama Village, Willis and East County were energized Thursday.

    “We’re ahead of schedule,” said Renee Powers, Entergy Texas’ Conroe service center manager.

    Other areas of the county have not been as fortunate. Porter, New Caney and Cleveland remain in the dark, as service is virtually non-existent along the U.S. 59 corridor. Oct. 5 is the deadline for full restoration in those areas.

    A portion of the 9,000 Montgomery County customers of Sam Houston Electric Cooperative can expect restoration sometime today, while more than 5,000 customers of Mid South Synergy in West Montgomery County remain without power, as Entergy Texas has rationed the amount of power it sends to the electric cooperative.

  7. Pam - Cannot call you - don't have your cell number. sivadnorahs

  8. its 5 :35. and a week. my home in willis has power. all my neighbors yards look great like nothing happened. guess FEMA forgot to clean mine up. have been camped at the inlaws (they have a nice generator) the worst part of all this for me was my work has a giant 3 phase generator and i didnt miss a day of work. DANG YOU GEORGE BUSH. i didnt get to sit on my porch and drink beer, waiting for the news to come interview me so i could complain. and complain i would... neighbors so nice offering to "help" or "loan" me a chainsaw. if they dont like all the giant limbs in my yard then THEY should cut them up, if they dont want to wait for the government to do it. oh and the amazing fast "recovery" of all the electric is pure hogwash. i had no power for a week and last i checked that is illegal.

    really we are fine.. some large branches and a small tree came down. its messy but fine.

  9. you should of said "hot beer." Funny Bill. Glad to know ya'll are fine - Richy

  10. dang it i need sum hot beer

    going rite over to bills

  11. heck no hot beer.. i gots ice to keep that beer cold.


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