Thursday, September 11, 2008

I know you all want to know what IS HAPPENING in my life... but I can't blog now because a bevy of beautiful basement babes has descended on my house (including Viking Granny) and are watching my babies... so I'm going on a date! Sayonara.

Mas later.


  1. I posted this on yesterdays comments by accident. Your blog entry was so short I barely noticed it!!! But I am glad you are getting a date in. I don't remember the last time I went on one of those!

    So my parents are on vacation with the Reicherts in Cancun, so I had to go to there house and move all my moms massive plants to the barn. Just me and Janice Miller because Matt left this morning to go out of town. I ended up putting the BBQ pit in the hallway because it was to heavy to drag to the barn!

    I have water, batteries, candles, brownies and nearly a full tank of gas so I think I am ready.

    I called my landlord to tell him that all the neighbors where boarding up their windows. He said he was evacuating so he wasn't worried he has insurance. Of course then he assured me that I should be fine.

  2. It's a good thing you have brownies. You should be fine.

  3. batton down the hatches and another quote:

    There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.
    — Edward de Bono

  4. brownies should be required in every hurricane kit

    maybe some cheesecake too

  5. I make awesome cheesecake but it doesn't hold up well without electricity!

    My brother is now in full blown panic that I am not leaving. You would think a soldier with all his experience would be calm in the face of danger, but no..

  6. where is ratboy
    or is it fatboy

    he flew the coast i suppose

    come out come out wherever u r

  7. so there i was in the mad house that had become the willis kroger during this hurricane last minute prep time. getting water, batteries, some cans of my fav chef boyardee treats and noticed the crazy rush, the sweaty stock people trying to fill the shelves as shoppers crowded the shelf taking this high demand item from the stockers hands. what you ask is so vital... BEER. it was a sad sight. side note, hurricane shopping in willis.. GREAT PEOPLE WATCHING.

  8. I passed the Willis Kroger this morning and people where parking on the feeder road and hiking up to the store. Crazy.

    And speaking of beer, I remember when we had that flood in 94, my late husband Steve worked for Budweiser. His route was in Porter and he had to go to work because they where taking milk, bread and beer in by boat. I had no idea they considered beer a necessity but I guess it is.

  9. Protection and Wisdom and PROTECTION

    God keep YOUR babies safe...and tell them when to go to a brick home or when to stay.....protect Enoch too..


  10. Did I say "Gutav" up I-45? I meant "Ike"


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