Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday marnin

It's been a while since I've done a Clark-ive. Three reasons... 
  1. I am a slacker
  2. I have one about the band history- very amusing with pictures and all, but requiring quite a bit of research and scanning and such. (See #1)
  3. We're getting to the part of my life that sucked. I'm fine writing about it, but it's a little gloomy...
So, I will get to it eventually. It's not like I have a low workload right now... Today we went to the post office and the bank and then Brynn threw up in the car. These are the days of our lives.

I toyed with the idea this morning of moving back to Texas, like in a few weeks, just me and the kids. I mean, we're probably moving back in January anyway, and my baby-daddy will be gone a lot of the remaining year... but ultimately, it was a stupid plan, and highly expensive. 

Speaking of highly expensive stupid plans, we just dodged a bullet on this stooooopid bailout plan. Thank You, Jesus for giving a few Republicans some sense. 

And now, since I stayed up past midnight watching Princess Diaries and am suffering from a brain-strike, I will once again, post a cute video.


  1. Ah, come on, you need to stay in KC and get one more real winter.

    I was thrilled to see that the House did not pass the bailout. Nothing needs to happen. The companies that made bad decisions should pay for it. Free market economy equals big chance to succeed and big chance to fail if you do stupid and irresponsible things. They did stupid things; THEY should pay for it, not us.

    Rocking out video! He's got the head banging down! haha

  2. Whenever clint is out of town I always stay up late watching girly movies, I pay for it the next day... hmm wish you lived closer we could do a Anne of Green Gables night...

  3. really
    fannie mae & freddie mac ppl should pay it all back
    their 90+ million dollars

    then stop giving loans to slackers

  4. now we have to keep dodging the future bullets... REPUBLICANS HATE BLACKS/POOR OR WHATEVER THEY REFUSED TO HELP AMERICA OUT AND THIS IS WHY WE NEED CHANGE... AND HOPE. I BELIEVE AND HOPE FOR CHANGE... oh what was that.. obama brainwashing. freddie fannie big stupid banks.. file bankruptcy. like everybody else.


  5. Better put quotes around those all caps, or folks may think your a liberal!

  6. Or they will think that you are YELLING!

  7. And so it goes to Senate. Didn't you just love Nancy's little speach. I want to slap that woman every time I see her. She really iritates me. I think the democratic party should change their slogan to Blame Bush.

    Hannity showed clips from a congression session in 2004 where the Bush admin. had brought to there attention the need for reform at Fannie and Freddie. And the dems. where up there saying "There is nothing wrong, we don't need to do anything"

    And four years later...


  8. VP Debate soon! Looking forward to see how Palin does. The moderator is pro Obama so that will also be a hurdle she has to overcome.

  9. Well, as Jeremiah wright has said the chickens will come home to roost so Toby knows how to headbang and NiNi is a cat. Go figure.
    I hope he don't jiggle his brains too much!
    i love you, Mama


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