Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike ike ike


So, evidently Ike is bearing down on most of you, my bloggerati. Odds are, you won't even read this because you will be busy filling your bathtubs with water and holding on to your wigs. Or having a Hurricane Party. I would say it looks like the responses are pretty divided by generational lines, but that would be ageist of me.

Currently, at our house, about 700 miles from the danger, emotions are running high. I mentioned the Basement Babes... now, you would never guess it from this picture, but the BBs are actually old enough to have grandchildren. They are here with us for a week to soak at the House of Prayer, and help with kids, and cook food and rub Richy's feet and give him ibuprofen and such.

Maybe you didn't know it, but my spouse is a weather geek. Hurricane season for him is like American Idol season for me... he tracks the radars, and makes predictions, and just gets very excited and geeky about storms in general. In fact, he may or may not occasionally rent National Geographic specials about hurricanes, tornadoes and so on and watch them in lonely splendor.

Grandmothers, on the other hand, tend to worry a bit. (not so much my mom, she really wants to go up in a tornado) But most g-mas do worry. In fact, you could be in the same ROOM as your mother and she might still be concerned about how the storm is affecting you. So for the Basement Babes, this is an alarming development. They leave town with instructions to whomever to water their plants and flick the porch lights on and off once a day, and what do you know but a GIANT hurricane comes barreling after their children the minute they leave town....

Maybe you're seeing the siteration here. The MOG is tracking the storm on his iPhone and downstairs, he has the webstream of the hurricane-cam running all the time. He runs down there and watches waves crashing into the Seawall, and then he runs up here and tells his mom. And she calls the children to remind them to tether the dog to something permanent, or whatever. And so on... a continual process.

Seriously, we are praying for no destruction and loss... (well, it would be okay if some trees went down, or Geraldo's glasses, just no real destruction). Much love to all the Conroe-vians, and if it's safe, please take pictures of the craziness at Walmart for me.


  1. I could use some Basement Babes around here, although I have no basement. I would have to re-name them I suppose.

    RE: Preparing for Ike

    Yesterday was mayhem on the roadways. I45 was a mess, but not as bad as the time Rita came through a couple of years ago. I work in The Woodlands & it took me approximately 2 hours to get home.

    The gas stations were wild & crazy. By Thursday afternoon many stations were empty of gas. News reports stated that gas trucks were on the way. (Whatever!) If there wasn't a long line at a station then you knew there was no gas. I don't know what the situation is today (Friday morning); I'm staying home & saving the gas in my car.

    Jess, I did not venture out to Wal-Mart, but in passing the parking lot was full! Reminded me of last minute holiday shoppers.

    Right now looking out my front window, the sky is blue, the sun is out and there is a gentle breeze. It looks so nice! My office is shut down today as are the majority of businesses throughout the Houston area.

    I don't mind the hurricane so much as long as there is not alot of destruction & people are not hurt. However, I hate the fact that the power goes out. Eventually your home warms up & you get hot. If you open windows & doors, the bugs come in & make it that much worse.

    I suppose I'll have to unplug the computer when the weather gets really rough. "They" say that's the safe thing to do in any storm. When I do that I feel much more detached from the outside.

    For Richy I will try to blog as much as possible through Ike to keep him entertained. I could report to him every leaf that blows by and the angle of the rain.

    Fun times indeed!


  2. Greetings to the BBS! I'm waiting for the big one in Austin.Mama

  3. Hmm, seems Mama's gonna have some fun in Austin.

    Clouds are rolling in, but they are the very high ones. Every once in a while there is a slight puff of wind. No big deal.

    Hopefully Ike will weaken & break apart.

    Would it be great if no one lost power?!!!!


  4. We in Boeing benefits way up here got word yesterday that Hewitt in The Woodlands would be closed today so that employees can do whatever they need to for themselves and family. All of Boeing's employees that have benefit questions will be routed to the center in Illinois.

  5. I shall also do my best to keep you updated. The only thing that keeps me away from the computer so much now is the baby, and that fact that my children are computer hogs.

    I found out yesterday that we are on the same electric grid as the hospital so we have top priority to get our lights back on. My neighbors said they have not lost power in 15 years so thats good.

  6. Well I must go clean, can't have a hurricane hit a dirty house!!!

  7. sivadnorahs- great commentary. Keep in coming!

  8. yeah, I like the updates.. I just hope not to see an update like..

    "..well it's kinda windy, not that big a deal, it should pa.. OH MY GOD! NOOOOOOOO!! I have to..(click)"

    or something.. We pray for all your saftey! has a crazy webstream that I have on my CPU here.. live shot of what WAS the seawall!

  9. Pretty exciting, Richy. I couldn't get home from the woodlands for two hours either. And I know all the short cuts through Conroe, apparently so does everyone else. No gas today.Clouds are getting dark and people are getting real weird. Mike tied the bikes down and we might be having church in the dark ( acoustic guitars and harmonicas, etc, pretty cool..) Although for TFH that could be a real challenge not to rock out. I figure that this Sunday coming up will at least be remembered for years.
    Love Yall

  10. MAMA! Geraldo got took out by a wave! Just like he's always wanted!! Watch it here

  11. Well, it's about 2pm & not much happening in the Conroe area. Partly cloudy with the occasional breeze. Neighbors out walking around, some doing yard work, etc. I'm glad for the boredom. Boredom is good when it comes to a hurricane, don't you think?

    From what I've heard on the news the brunt of the storm will not hit until way after dark which is a bummer. I won't be able to see the blowing leaves and tree branches.

    The film crews in Galveston are showing the waves (storm surge) coming up over the seawall. The wall is there, it's just covered by the waves! And still, some people refuse to leave the area. If I were them, I would not be there, but, instead be in Austin with Mama. :-)

    Thanks for the continued prayers for all of us - I am sure they will be effective!

    Oh yeah, Don had a few errands to run this morning so I asked him some probing questions about what it's like out there:

    What's the traffic like out there? "Light & variable."

    Are any stores open? "Yes, even gas stations. No big deal so far."

    Did you experience any strong gusts of wind? "No, didn't even see the wicked witch of the west fly by yet."

    So, there you have it. So far just a bit boring. But like I said, I'll take boring over "Oh no! There goes the roof!" any day.


  12. The Geraldo vid is funny.

  13. Geraldo vid is great!

    sivadnorahs should be a journalist. She has good detail and is even getting interviews. Way to go after those breaking stories!!

  14. its 2:55. i plan on keeping this log incase something happens. an eerie calm has come. the sky is that odd color that says the crap is going to hit the fan. i went to work till noon. then went out to eat. then came home, played with the dog, moved his house so it doesnt blow away. getting bored, have to watch the news to get myself worked back up into a panic, more later. if there is a later. -bill

  15. all 4 of us are now home - J's been cutting branches out of the backyard trees and being a MANly man! John and Han are cleaning out the garage and finding all sorts of interesting things - moving things so they can pull ONE of the cars in at least - the one with the fewest dents/hail dings already -

    in other news - Linds posted on her blog. i cried.

    this morning we at the hospital had various tasks. this hurricane, we will be locking down earlier so that displaced persons will not descend on the hospital and then CRMC be responsible for them when they have no place to go afterwards. once they come in the door, you cannot discharge them unsafely - even if they're NOT a patient. we had to arm-band anyone who was legally allowed (1-2 guests per patient) and send the rest out - thankfully there were only a few families in need so far - and the hospital is doing everything they can to direct them to shelters.

    one lady had her mother there, and her 4 children there. she said if we sent them out, she would die.... i told her "you will NOT die".... i think Administration is going to work with that poor family of 2 helpless ladies and their 4 adorable children. i would have taken them home, but the mother so badly wanted them with her.

  16. 150+ people have called Coast Guard to rescue them from Baytown off the roofs of their houses

  17. its 3:16, the sun is back out, it can only mean one thing... THIS IS THE END. i may take a nap.

  18. our hospital is not a shelter - for those of you who are seeking one

    now, if you wanna come to Dover Drive - come right on. We got foods and drinks and will be partying tonight

    I was going to say - I wanted so bad to suggest that the 4 little children go home with me....


  19. Jere and I made a hurricane cake!!! It's strawberry with vanillla icing!!! I would invite everyone over but it's already half-way gone!!!!

    In baby news ~ Rachel has decided to wait out the storm in my tummy!! We have about 2 more weeks together like this!!! It's making Daddy Jere CRAZY!!! He's ready to see his baby girl!!!

    Love to all!!
    Mommy Mere Pete

    P S I made a blog ~

  20. me loving me some Bill commentary...

  21. get that plywood up over dem winders boy

  22. Figured out how to add a pict to my profile ~ hey! I'm new at this blogging stuff!! What do ya think??

  23. Mere~ that's so sweet how excited Jere is!!

    Your belly picture is precious!!

  24. What is the update in Conroe Sharon????

  25. 5:55 now, woke from nap with a hungry pregnant wife. she wanted fried chicken. so off we went into the terrible monsterous outside, braving the roving hordes of evacuees, hunting for the fried chicken. perhaps someone was foolish enough to go to work for their min wage job during the storm of death. I.K.E. I KILL EVERYONE. forced to turn on my windshield wipers, many drops hit the window, almost enough to clean the dead love bugs. wind blew fiercly forcing evasive action around twigs and wayward leaves. we returned home, without chicken. WRETCHED STORM force to go home and cook pork chops. the rain is playing mind tricks on me. it sprinkles causing me to think this is it, but just when i'm about to kiss it goodbye, it stops. it is so calm out there. evil storm, lulling me into thinking its nothing. but i know. whoever gets this know that i know and will not be fooled... ahahahahah ahem... sorry. more later if the ike has not yet stolen my electricity that i pay for. DAMN YOU IKE!

  26. It’s about 6pm and the skies are now overcast here in Conroe. Every now and again there is a strong gust of wind. The weather reports state that the gusts in our area are about 20 mph. Not bad. But the real “stuff” should occur early in the morning about
    2 am.

    I am still hoping that Ike really weakens, even before the initial hit along the coast. If Ike’s strength is as predicted I probably will not be able to send any more reports due to a probable outage. Bummer.

    Oh yeah, still no sign of the wicked witch of the west. I guess the winds are not strong enough to carry that broom!


  27. Hope the Basement Babes are praying for us!


  28. psychological warfare it is. all calm with occasional wind gusts. that crazy eerie look is back. so ominous. i think i may be starting to crack. i had a wonderful dinner and watched the new willy wonka and the chocolate factory. I am FREAKED OUT MORE THEN EVER. i am convinced that movie was a ploy by ike, released years in advance so nobody would suspect. I KNOW YOU IKE!!!! ( you cant tell but i mashed those keys really hard to emphasize my point) My dog is freaking out.. i just beat him. the mongrel chewed up my water hose, i dont know how he even reached it. Annabelle growing in suzi's belly is sitting in a wierd spot causing more pain then normal... could she be in league with ike? could this evil monster have gotten to my daughter... i will destroy this storm. i will slam the walls of my house to his winds. i shall buffet my car with his so call "hail" and fill my yard with his torential rain. I HATE YOU IKE. MY ENEMY.

  29. Bill, Josh told me to tell you that he is making fried chicken.

    I said, "are you trying to make them sad??"

    He nods. : (

    Then he says, "Tell them, 'sorry you can't be here to join us." <3

    Pork chops are still yummy! Put any herbs on it??

  30. Pregnancy makes me soooo hungry!!!!

  31. ouch.. heartburn

    ike ike take a hike
    sounds exciting
    hope it doesn't kill everyone.. you're funny, Bill

  32. We have "Hunkered down" down stairs. Still waiting. So far Nada. I can relate to Bill's plight. The winds have picked up but nothing to bad yet. Ooh we are under a tornado warning now.

  33. Daniel, Jakit, Rachel, Micah, and Valarie here to watch the news (and Live Free Die Hard).

  34. Jess and I are having a hurricane party hundreds of miles away. We have Houston Local channel two on the web stream on my laptop, and a web-cam from fox news on her computer... eating brownies, milk.

  35. the horror. the horror...its 8:57 i fear this may be my last entry. the wind is picking up. trees are placing bullseyes on my house. i shouldve cut them down when i had the chance. NATURE VS MAN. lowered my ac to artic chill so my house will remain cold in the dark days ahead. we may be the last humans left after this. it may be up to me to repopulate the planet. hehe. the propaganda machine says i should unplug my computer. thats ike speak as far as i can tell. he knows it my only source of info of the outside world. i plan on looting as soon as the storm passes. kidding. i did however buy all the TP in conroe. HA everyone concerned with food and water... time will show my genius. $1 per square. I WILL BE RICH. i have my belt ready to tie myself to a post thank you twister for the tip. still no rain. this cowardly storm is waiting till night time. thinking i will be asleep HA.. i have just consumed my 3rd pot of coffee i will not sleep till the end of it all. if this be the end... i love you all... well not all some of you i like alot. some of you i dont even know. but you are probably ok. fried chicken eating traitors! ran north away from the storm. in league with ike i say. knew the whole dat gum time.
    wait... what... oh the WIND... AHHHH my ROOOF>....... aaoayao aj oaiu SHI....... NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  36. So far I have accumalated mass amounts of pine needles at my front door. That is what you get for living in The Woodlands!

    So far that is the most exciting thing that has happened. Just hoping now I make it through without killing two certain 8 year old children who are very, very hyper!

  37. We are praying that this storm will not have any please do not kill the 8 year olds


  38. Your prayers are working. So far they are both still alive. Adam went to sleep. It was so funny he was so hyper and saying I can't go to sleep for about 30 seconds and then passed out. Madison is still hanging in here with me and is much calmer now that her brother is sleeping.

    The wind has picked up and we are hearing some small things flying around. Probably small limbs, I heard a few things hit the side of the house. But nothing to exciting yet. My lights have dimmed a few times but I am hoping they will stay on a while longer. So as long as I have power I will keep checking in. Hmm maybe it is time to break out the brownies...

  39. Ok its nearly 2am and the wind has picked up according to the news we should start feeling hurricane strength winds shortly.

  40. Well its 3:15, wind is really picking up. We are suppose to be getting one of the worst parts of the storm any minute now. Got word from those hunkerin down at TFH that the power went out about an hour ago.

  41. Dozing in and out of sleep, still checkin in...- richy

  42. Sounds like most of the area faired well. Flooded historic Galveston, parts of Houston and a few other cities. 3 - 4 million in Houston without power. Not seeing reports of deaths.

    Waiting for the commentary from the TX bloggers.

  43. I think they're all without power...

  44. Just heard the Houston Aquarium is under water. Fitting. And yet, CAN THE SHARKS ESCAPE???

  45. Clarks (the Rob clarks) are with our family in Artesian Lakes. A tree has gone THROUGH the living room. They seem pretty excited. Hopefully all will go well with food and supplies in the after math. - Richy

  46. Just talked to my parents in Magnolia. They have two large trees down in the front yard and four down in the back. Two trees are on the roof. They can see the ceiling inside cracked, but no water is coming through. Their cell reception was really bad. He had to call me about 8 times just to give me that info.

    Just left message for Jeremy to see how he and Meredith are doing.

  47. that wuz me on MOG pooter -- need to hear from someone-- text-blog- email-phone--pigeon- How is Conroe ? Everyone ok?

  48. Heard from Rob... he is being incredibly macho and building bbq grills out of debris and such... they're good, except for the whole third-world-conditions and all...

  49. OK, I got Richy's tweets all weekend about Lawnmower Larry saying you'd explain on la blog.

    What up?

  50. jess is probably waiting for an audience! plus the lawnmower saga is not done yet... We should know the conclusion by the end of this week...

  51. Hewitt in The Woodlands is out of service for at least two more days.

  52. Pam Maw said that Hospital Admin in Conroe said that power might be on TODAY.

    Basement Babes are staying til Saturday or Electricity which ever comes first......(this should get MOG on heavy duty prayer and fasting over the situation)

    I am glad to be spared but sad to be apart from Texan Family......

    I know that they are all safe and made it through the storm and I raised them to be campers.

    I know we are all praying for them to be strong and creative and harmony and peace and protection.

    Now authorities are suggesting everyone stays put and protect their property....

    According to reliable sorces..Looting has started in the Woodlands.....

  53. Wow.....that was fast......MOG must be already on this...

    Gloria's policeman daughter reported to her that power was on in The Woodlands and parts of Conroe.....

    Jan's fireman sister is at work at The Woodlands Fire Dept still on a generator..

    Yippeee.....sounds so encouraging......

    Ruby's 1 year old birthday is today.......

    What a great day for POWER POWER POWER!

    Happy Birthday Ruby Joy!

  54. People like you and I, though mortal of course like everyone else, do not grow old no matter how long we live...[We] never cease to stand like curious children before the great mystery into which we were born.

    - Albert Einstein, "in a letter to Otto Juliusburger"

  55. our power went out at 4 am. What day was that? friday...

    jennifer u have power?
    where is there power in Conroe or gas?

    Saturday, we drove to waco and bought a generator and made it back last night! it was a big adventure of hunt and seek. Lots of craziness in College Station at Walmart and gas stations.
    after i finish this update, I'm unpluggin the pc and pluggin in the fan.
    now our refrig is workin. had to clean it out first though....

    anybody need refuge?
    What about the Clarks? do they have a phone workin?
    did mama stay in Austin?
    did G report in yet?

    Bobby and Chris took off for Llano and I am going to go pick up Val and Isaac. They rode out the storm at her Uncle's. John went back to work yesterday. CISD, no school for the rest of the week.

    the basement babes seemed to have good instincts.
    All this is good practice for learnin to live simply.
    our neighbors just came back from a search that there is still no power in Conroe.

    galveston will rebuild and it will be better
    signin off for now
    if you have my cell#, text me anybody that needs help

  56. My dad had to sit in a car line for two hours last night in Magnolia to get gas. At least he was able to fill up when he got there.

    Also, they called Gieco to report the damage to their home yesterday. Gieco said they should not be in the home. Even though the damage is not major, they don't want to take a chance of a collapse. Gieco is sending a $3000 check to them ASAP and they were looking for a hotel or other place to stay until house damage is assessed.


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