Friday, April 25, 2008


One thing I didn't realize I missed... community. When we lived out at Radiantville, we saw each other every day, sometimes multiple times a day. 
Here in this complex with the rest of the Thunder School staff, I'm getting some of that again. And I forgot how much I like it. 
Yesterday was their weekly "Meal of Hope". 100+ homeless people came to get a meal and hear the gospel... most of them walked. I didn't have any official function, besides watching my kids. It was pretty amazing. Did you know homeless people look just like us?


  1. oh when the saints come marching in...
    community has the word unity!

  2. community has the word nit


    what does mr slim say about that one

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Did Mr Slim say something terrible?-G

  5. are we planning a wedding here or planning a mission trip for a year here???

    keep this family in yore prayers :)

    we are enjoying every minute of it, though...

    jess - i'm glad you've found a bit of 'community' again

    hey - Linds wants to know if you need one her bridesmaids dresses for the wedding??? she has 4 red ones, 3 green ones, a teal one that is about your size that is only 1 month old...maybe a bit too big... of course she's a bit bigger than you....

    let us know

    we're laughing cause we think it would be a hoot if all the guests of honor wore borrowed (from Lindsey)formal dresses... hahaha! Steph tried one on that Linds wore once in college that she never hemmed up and it fit great! it was a very nice deep blue... 27 Dresses? is that the name of the Movie?

    Ok - i must get back to Mother of the Bride that I am...

  6. ooohhh.... I wish I could wear that red strapless one I tried on once. But it's not really jewel toned... Sure! I'll wear one. Just wish I could get blonde first.

  7. if you come down early and bring your head, i'll make you blonde and let you wear my red dress! :)

  8. i'm glad she mentioned that you'll need to bring your head along. it would be such a disappointment if you got here without it, and red dress

  9. According to What Not to Wear it is a myth that red heads can't wear red. But I personally think it totally depends on the shade.


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