Wednesday, April 30, 2008

oot and aboot

My plan was to stay in today. There was an obscene amount of dirty dishes and meal-debris on the floor... and general house-ly chaos. We made it to 12:30 before anarchy broke out. They just can't be cooped up... they start trying to destroy each other. You might think I mean Toby... I do.

But not just Toby. The other day, I found a round mark on Toby's arm... I was tripping about it maybe being a ringworm, which we've never had, but it is one of those things you figure you'll get eventually. So I was kinda watching it and it went away in a day. The next day there were TWO of these marks... on closer inspection, they were tiny toothmarks. From someone with 6 tiny teeth. The good news is, she's starting to defend herself from the continual sibling abuse.

Anyways... we ended up going to lunch with Daddy, and then we dropped him back off at the school and we went to the park. Fun was had by all, even though R2 fell headfirst off the steps and Toby hit himself in the head with a ball. Tough guys...

So tomorrow, I'm planning on SWIMMING at the Y. I can't remember the last time I swam. The problem is, the pool is all divided up for lap-swimming... and I'm not that great at swimming. Still, it sounds refreshing. They keep the pool at 83 degrees. Nice.

Last night, I was attending a worship service during American Idol. But I taped it, and tonight a new pal from the TS staff is coming over to watch the tape with me, and then the results show. And we shall feast on brownies!

Anytime you'd like to peek in on the school here, you can check out the webstream. To watch the archives (Richy leading worship and speaking... go here)


  1. kool.........

    I would like to hear Richy preaching again......

    I miss him....

    He will be preaching soon at Freedom Fellowship and TFH and I can not wait..

    Best Preaching EVER!

    You will have fun at the pool Jess

    Are you leaving all the kids in nursery or swimming with one of them? Never mind.....that would hardly be fair.....

    I am sorry that Brynny is biting. Once that can be contagious....

    Have fun at Y..........

    Glad you had a great fam lunch today.

    It is again beautiful in TEXAS what is it like in Tennesseee?

  2. Be careful, I bite also.....

  3. Mr. Slim likes the middle of the night.-G

  4. Mr. Slim,

    Mysteries are only fun if you eventually solve them or can suppose that you have made some progress toward solving them.


    The Happy Clam

  5. Richy quotes the song 'oh, stephanie' by kevin prosch when he says 'like rain falling down from heaven above, that's what your like'. i wonder if it was purposeful. sure it was. i loved seeing him worship again. even if it is online. does ihop have streaming video?


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