Friday, April 4, 2008

Oh, don't you cry for me

Off to Alabama... for the Call Saturday and a mini-vacation Friday and Sunday. I'm sure I will miss my kids terribly, but I'm pretty excited about the break.
VKG landed safely, and even took the van out for a spin around KC, and got lost. So she's adapting quickly. It took me a couple of weeks to get lost!

So there you go. Oh, and the sickness is finally over. 24 hours... more like 32 hours. I resolve to never throw up again in my life.

HEY! Look at my new great-nephew! SERIOUSLY... most newborns look like boiled monkeys, but this little guy is cute from the get-go. Good genes.

Good job, Chase and Lacy! Can't wait to meet him!


  1. hey

    cute kid!

    no one should ever boil a monkey.

  2. The Congo boil monkeys .....

    Georgia what a beautiful baby.

    He looks like his grandfather Mike.

    Jess says he looks like Mikey..

    What a smart looking guy too...I bet he already makes great eye to eye contact and everything.


    Brynn is sleeping so I asked Tøbias to stop drumming for just a little while....He looked suprised....but quickly went back to PBS

    This is a breeze....These kids are so low maintenance and easy going....Even Brynny

    Surprise surprise.....

  3. in Memphis for layover... Boring

  4. its the mexican in him...mexican kids are always cut from the get go...

  5. in Montgomery now... peace out

  6. Congratulations on your healthy new son, Lacy! : D Enjoy cuddling the newborn-ness!!

  7. What's the cute wee one's name?

  8. at the call. You can watch it live at

  9. kool I found it! Mike Bickle is too kool! Is it at an indoor stadium?

  10. Cute, cute baby boy! Congrats to all the family. I agree with viking g - he looks like Mike. Way to go, kid!

    Going to see Phil Keaggy tonight. He's in Houston with his band. Ought to be inspirational.

    Nice weekend, too. Weather is perfect. Too bad the summers around here couldn't be like this. Then everyone would want to live here.


  11. please pray for John's sister Norma - she's 59 yrs old and is battling liver cancer...

    they just called and said that she is doing very bad today...

    please pray for total healing and peace

    she and her family are in Bethany, Oklahoma - OKCity area

  12. no one knows the name of the cute little wee one, offspring of mike and g-'s offspring???

    jess - are you back yet???

    we've got a weddin' date...and Linds was excited when she heard hann say you may be able to attend... might be at a good time of year for you????


    oh, and norma had some relief after much prayer yesteray... john and norma's son are cursing the tumors like Jesus cursed the fig tree.... please stand with us for her complete healing...

    have a good week people!

  13. Hey Pam, I am so glad to here about Norma! We will keep praying.

    By the way May 26th is Matt and I's anniversary! Matt said to tell you that is our specail day and we don't want to share!

    We are just kidding by the way! I am very excited that you found a date that would work.

    Let me know if I can do anything at all!

  14. mamapc,

    The baby's name is Connor Vann Kelpen. He weighed 7.2 pds, he is my first grandbaby.-G

    Thanks for all the nice comments everybody. Mike thinks it is really funny that he looks like him.

  15. Also just so you know, May 26th is also John Wayne's b-day.

  16. "In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock." -- Thomas Jefferson

  17. jennifer, perhaps you can make the bride-n-groom's cake....

    half-chocolate, half-vanilla

    like a marriage
    part dark, part light
    part deep, part high
    part rich, part light
    part ....

    you know.... just half-n-half

    with 3 layers

    the bride
    the groom
    and the Holy Spirit!!!

    how would that cake look???


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