Monday, April 21, 2008

arrival en Nashvillio

We are safely (well, relatively safely) ensconced in our apartment in Nashville... we arrived last night - took us 9 or 10 hours, and that was even stopping a couple of times to eat and play on the McDonald's playlands... the speed limit may or may not have been exceeded.

We have a cute little apartment here in a dangerous looking neighborhood. I don't think it is. It just looks a little dicey. This little complex is owned by the ministry we're working with. It's furnished in late 80's-early 90's American. With a new stove... nice. The apartment has wood floors and it's definitely old. Toby can roll a truck and it rolls down to the corner. But most of it has been remodeled and it's good. Richy is gone, left this morning to go work a booth at the Gospel Music Awards. HA! We're working with the Thunder School.

So today I am getting settled in the apartment here and determining what we need to move in... looks like they will be providing all of our food from their food pantry... I'm supposed to go down there later and "shop". That's your update for today, folks.


  1. cool.....

    What an adventure......

    I am so excited for you all.

    Looking forward to seeing pics of the apartment......


  2. Can't wait to join you guys...!

  3. How long did r1 have to work today ? Did you and kiddos enjoy you first full day?.......

  4. Walked by David Crowder on the street, made eye contact with Phil Joel, had a conversation interrupted by Nicole Mullins, and opened a door for Mandisa! GMA'08 - Richy

  5. well well well
    elbowing with the elite!!!

  6. If you see Axel Rose, can you get his autograph for me?

  7. conclusion:

    mr. slim is a pueblo indian/native american, and he gives really bad hints

  8. Maybe it that u are bad at putting clues together. snap!

    If you keep a list of the clues, they could lead you correctly over time.

    Here is another....

  9. So, mr. slim has been to the Grand Canyon and Houston??

  10. oh my goodness....

    am I mr. sliM??????!!!

    i had no idea!

  11. Mr. Josharoo- u are correct, I have been to both.

    And, now that I’m talking to u, what’s up with ur name? Are u in love with a kangaroo? Does ur wife know about this?

  12. Hum. Is mr. Slim schizophrenic?

  13. Maybe MR SLIM has also been on tour with RADIANT?


    ARe you Bill RICHARDS?????

  14. I asked the Man of the House MIKE(orphanage in Acuna)what he needs..

    Of course instead of saying dishes and pots and pans,,,,he says.....

    So.......Leslie askes me what I need for the trip so she can make an overhead.....

    I PURPOSELY leave out the Lawn Mower......cuz I am NOT putting a huge stinky dirty lawnMower in my wonderful beautiful LikeNew Auto..

    No Way Jose........

    I told supplies.. needs.....

    I told GOD if you want him to have a lawn mower than YOU will have to bring one in.......

    Next Morning...I just happen to answer the work phone....

    ...Hello....yes we take lawn mowers......10-2....

    and a couple hours later...I just happen to be at the back door when it is delivered......

    OK OK......I guess YOU really want MIKE to have his dad gum lawn mower.

    Isn't God wonderful .???

    and isn't HE funny.?????

  15. Jess..........I am looking forward to your visit......

    My closet is all cleaned out....

    Set out to clean back room this weekend.......and that is what I did instead.....I hope it makes your visit here much more enjoyable.

  16. After the house is cleaned totally

    Maybe I will have time to put the rest of the UGANDA pics on the
    "Viking goes to AFRICA" blog.

  17. I am HOME during AI and so I actually pushed the little red button I know it is recording I can continue to live my life and watch it later.

    God is so awesome.

    HE put this desire in me and He knows I want to obey HIM and HE is opening doors for me left and right.

    What an awesome Provider...

    My God what a wonderful LORD!

    He is amazing.!!!

  18. Eva- that's funny about the mower. If it does smell of gasonline, I suggest buying some heavy duty clear tarp plastic from Home Depot and wrapping it several times, and then duct taping all the opening. That should keep the smell trapped so you won't get high on fumes while you drive and it won't stain the smell in your auto.

  19. Thanks Josharooni!

  20. The Black Girl was the BEST tonight in my oppinion.......

    in case anyone cares what I think...or thought.....or thunk....!

  21. i agree.

    syesha was the best.

    i have a feeling carly was great, but i couldn't get past the song she was singing.

    david archuleta was pretty awesome too.


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