Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I toyed with the idea of going on strike today, to protest low comment-age. But I wasn't sure if anyone would notice. So here I am, blogging like a schmuck.
Schmuck does not trigger spell-check. It is, evidently a REAL word.

Have you heard about this movie/documentary Expelled? Looks amazing, opens Friday. Go.

Tonight, I am going to a girls-night-out with my small group, a farewell party of sorts for me as I leave KC for 2 months. We are going to eat a sick, obsessive amount of chocolate in a glittery, shiny restaurant. Yessss... Actually, last night we tried out a chocolate fountain at our group. It was awesome. I heartily approve of chocolate fountains. This is an infant loss support group, I remind you. We need chocolate, for therapy.

So, since I will be out chocolating, I will have to tape American Idol. On my VHS VCR. Because ain't no school like old school.

One of the amazing things about this support group is that just talking about stuff seems to get you moving. Like, realizing that these other women still grieve, and that they get "stuck" spiritually, has been so encouraging that I don't feel very stuck anymore.


  1. Isn't it great that you go away far away and God meets you there in a fashion you never expected and heals you in a way that you weren't even thinking would happen.-G

  2. I am so excited for you. What a good time this is.-G

  3. : D
    I'm glad you got to meet these ladies!

  4. I went to a conference last weekend and Paul Keith Davis said something really interesting about the loss of a loved one especially children. He said that when someone dies prematurely we are sowing a seed. He gave the biblical example of sowing a Stephen to get a Paul. Because as you know right after Stephen was stoned to death is when Paul came into the Kingdom. I thought it was very intersting. He went on to pray individually for every one in the room that had lost a child.

  5. where will you stay in Narshville?

    when will you come HOME?

    we miss thee


  6. jennifer - we need to talk cakes

    have you evah decorated a wedding cake???

    i have...

    and i'm thinking of decorating Linds' cake, but wondering if someone else would want to do all the hard work....

  7. thanks, jess, for letting me and Jenn use your blog for our cake conversation

  8. Hey......I know that no one will dare mention anything about AI
    since Jess is recording it.......

    BUT........After you watch it Jess..

    will you please tell me all the details or post the best and worst on a "click here" so your good ole fav pooter savy MIL can see.......


    I had my VCR set on the WRONG channel and I do not know how to surf the UTUBES to find them....

    I will get better at it......

    after I graduate to a MAC.......

    but for now......please comment your heart away TOMORROW

    when everyone is allowed to speak freely about the episode and the performances and about how awesome comb-over man is.....Clark? and how terrible blondie is...."eight days a week......" actually she rocked last week.

    I would greatly appreciate anything you can post for memememe

    I had an unexpected emergency...

    and I didn't get home till after

    One of my mothers Danish Friends needed a friend so I stopped by....

    She was sitting in a quiet living room all alone just staring in space so I was so glad that I did.....

    After about an hour ...3 more Danish ladies came over and one Dutchman.......

    Listening to all those Danish accents was a comfort..it felt like I was safe....weird huh?

    Even listening to Mr Man with his Holland self .......was nice.

    they all spoke English but like Nanna Banana....and every once in a while the "unskoot" and other little words popped out of these wonderful blue haired sweet old ladies.......

    They all wanted me to stay cuz I was Kirsten's Daughter Eva Joy..

    Wooow........how nice....

  9. Pam,

    I am no good at cake decorating. The baking I can do but not decorating. There is a lady that goes to the TFH and her daughter in law makes great cakes. She did some really good cupcakes for our tea party. She decorated them like flowers and some where even in the shape of tea cups. She is going to make the cake for my baby shower.
    I can get her # if you are interested.

  10. Hey Pam I don't know why I didn't think of this before, but you could talk to Brenda Mapston. She makes great cakes and she decorates. Her chocolate cake is the best ever!!

  11. I personally just heard about "expelled" yesterday and thought it would be a great idea to email a link to the movie website with the location of local theatre to all the distict science teachers. I got in trouble..."not in accordance with school curriculum. We all agree that life changes over time".

  12. Uh. Life does change over time! It just doesn't evolve into entirely new creatures. DNA has a wide capacity, with limits. (micro-evolution) its the obvious limits that Evolutionary Scientists ignore. There is no proof of the gaps. Only theory. - Richy "creationist" Clark

  13. that's nuts they said that Beth. - R1

  14. I asked Mama, " How did you get in the race car?"
    she said " I climbed through the window".

    Still a mystery to me-G


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