Monday, April 7, 2008

the Call Alabama

I was going to post some pictures today, but in technology's eternal battle to destroy me, every rechargeable battery in the house is dead and so I cannot import anything. Am I charging the batteries now? Of course I am. Do I really think I'll win this one? Not really.

We flew out of KC Friday morning at 6:40. In the MORNING. Ay Caramba. I hate flying, so I have defense mechanisms for the times when we are most likely to crash to the earth, like the moment when the front wheels leave the ground, and the early trajectory, and descent and landing. I am fine when we are 34,000 feet in the air. My thinking is, it would take a while to fall out of the sky from that height, and I would have some warning. So I try to have a good book to divert me for the crucial moments, which means I have to ration it so I don't finish before landing. I blew it this time and finished my book, which meant I had to do a crossword puzzle during landing, which, frankly, was not sufficiently diverting. More than you needed to know? Well, this is my blog, folks. I can ramble on about any old thing and you just have to take it like a man.

It was such a great vacation. Maybe some of you would not want to fly to some remote oppressed city and spend 12 hours in prayer and fasting, but that's our bag. We just took our time. We sat around the hotel and watched a little TV. We ate good food, slowly. We drank Starbucks and watched far-off thunderstorms. And I remembered why my husband is my best friend.

Saturday was the Call. And I always say, the Call was awesome, intense, etc. It's just very hard to describe a day like this.

There's thousands of us here
and nobody really knows why
except maybe if we join together and ask
You will come
and remove the curse from this nation

We're all badly broken
and flawed, so flawed
but maybe, if we lift You up
You'll draw us near

The sound is deafening
of eight thousand hearts breaking
with Yours, for Yours

And maybe we've got it right
maybe we've got it wrong
but we can't stop asking
that much we know

More about the Call and vacation this week.


  1. Andy and I saw you and R1 on godtv. we watched a lot of the call Alabama

  2. well, when you put it that way, it makes me cry. good one. what you expressed was expressed perfectly. thank you, my friend.

  3. yes, a tear came to my tear duct as well....

    perfectly expressed...

    yes, prayer and calling out shows us how sad a shape we're in... but, if we do it right... we'll realize and place our eyes on the only ONE who can make a difference...

    he LISTENS!!!

  4. this morning
    as I dressed for work
    i heard a voice
    who called my name

    whispered is more like it
    and stopped, i did
    one sock on, one sock off
    i stopped, and looked
    in front of me, but far away
    and heard the voice again

    a smile formed from my lips
    and i whispered back
    "i miss you"
    and he whispered back to my eyes
    "i miss you too"

    our eyes sang together for just a few moments
    and joy danced in our hearts
    i knew that He knew that i had to
    get to work...
    and He let me go
    ... my heart promised to meet Him again in that secret place...
    ...and He let me go...

    my Lover loves me with an undying love
    He cherishes me more than I can imagine...
    He picks me up and carries me lightly...
    and caresses me, touches me deeply....
    i will return to Him again and again
    and never tire of His love


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