Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I am not aging gracefully. What?! half of you are saying... what aging? you're a CHILD! Uh, no. I will be 30 in October and I am starting to pick up some warnings that I am getting older. And I'm just not doing well with it.
I always wondered about women in their 40's and 50's... if it bothered them to not be 20. If they wanted to still be a size 4 and not have to fight gray hair and gravity. But they all seemed pretty content and beautiful in their age and so I figured it was a gradual process and it would be okay.
So why now, at the beginning of wrinkles and changing shape... am I freaking out a little? I've never been one to obsess over looks. Sometimes I'll be out for hours before I realize I never looked in a mirror today and my hair is channeling Einstein. But now... I don't like it. I want to be easy cute. Not work-cute.
It's not so much that I care about a few extra pounds. It's just the overall realization that it will take work in the next couple of decades to maintain what has been effortless.
< /Narcissism>

We went to the Y in downtown Nashville today. I ran on the treadmill and the youngsters did great in the nursery. I had the following conversation with my sister personal trainer via text.
me: if i want to lose tummy and tone arms what machines do i use at the y?
Leah: walking, crunches, bicep curl, tricep extension, and less Bluebell.

Nervy, that's what.


  1. sheesh
    there is that inner beauty thing and then there is a little effort to get something on the outside that reflects the true self. Better to have awareness now, than later.
    it's a new era

  2. " Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
    -- Red Auerbach

  3. your blogging the last couple of days makes me GIGGLE!

  4. Beth....have you and ANDY been watching August Rush?

    Happy Tuesday!

  5. I have noticed the last 11 months and 3 days...........that people are less and less amazed that I am a grandmother.......

    I really liked it when they would stand there with their mouths open and marvel at my beauty and my youth while I went on and on about little Izzy or R2......or every single one of them.....

    Now the only way I get an eyebrow or a "wow" is if I tell them how many.........

    Oooo the days have gone........

    This is a very exciting time for all of us........especially MEMEMEME...........

    I am at a weird place in the middle of a road.....uncomfortable and very exciting....not scarry..at all....

    I wonder how GOD will come through.

    I do not doubt that HE will.....

    but I wonder how it will look...

    He is so awesome!

  6. http://www.harvestsound.com/webstream.html

  7. I totally relate to the aging thing. I am 32 and sometimes when I pass the mirror I shock myself. It is like I forget I look like this and I am not 21 anymore.

    If you need any good pointers you should talk to my sister Karen. She goes without makeup all the time and looks great. I hate when people ask me if she is my "little sister" and she is 43. She uses some kind of stuff she gets from tv that she swears by.

  8. we did see august rush. incredible, sweeeeet. like a fairy tale

    like being a grandma. mine will be back in Conroe this week! let the real fun begin.
    I saw ur connor. he's adorable & lacy is looking great too

  9. Thanks, Beth

    I heard that you held him for awhile. That is so beautiful. He is awesome. Congrats on the new maybe baby. I hope we turn out having a real Alex.-G

  10. Every year is good. Every decade gets better. You can trust me.it's all in how you approach life! You are just a baby in my eyes!And so very beautiful. I love you, Mama

  11. eva
    what is "in the middle"
    how did mexico go?

  12. huh?


    Which way to go....?

    Listening and OBEYING and waiting....

    Being "in the middle" of a new thing......before the new thing starts and before the old thing ends...."in the middle"


    That is ALL I got........

    When I clearly hear HIS voice..I move.......when I know it is HIM..
    I act.....that is all I know to do.

    Is that as clear as mud Beth?

  13. i'm puttin' on the brakes now that i have turned 21, kinda like i have been driving way too fast but i'm lucky no cops were around. it's an analogy, not literally 'cops'. because cops have been around me, unfortunately from time to time. God is so faithful. but i'm learning that even if i had never SEEN him as a faithful God, i could've believed it. which goes with all things in life, why do we wait to see if God will come thru when he plainly states that he will. I'm done waiting, i'm believing.


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