Thursday, April 24, 2008

I sit here in a sleepy haze. Up too late, up too early. Just took a nap. Nothing to say. Ho-hum.


  1. Off to MEXICO.............


    My arms are aching for the little kids who need lots of hugs.

    I was created to hug.....

    so off I hug and hug again.

    MnM are also watering their missionary seeds and finally getting to meet ORPHANS......

    Jan is also going.......and this is the maiden voyage of the true intension of the reason GOD gave me the explorer....


    I feel so ready to burst....

    What a ruff week of work and finally I get to be ME!

    This feels so right....

    Love ya G-------

    God God God......

  2. Love ya too, Boss have fun with the kids-G

  3. hey eva hey g - hey jess - wake up jess!!!

    me and j are watching a dvd of the all the old Christian Rock singers from the 1960's-70's

    very good roots Christian Music has

    i know, a bunch of you aren't very fond of the commercialism of it now...

    but there are good roots

    and their hearts were pure

  4. U have had nothing to say twice n the last month now. His must b an all time record for a woman.

  5. I think God is touching the deepest places of HIS favorite ones heart and she is so moved by how much HE loves her that she is speachless.....

    MnM are sleeping and Explorer is packed in every nook and cranny.. not sure if we can even fit our personal supplies....

    MnM may end up sitting Indian Style all the way there...

    "But just think of all the room on the way two will love it!"

    (that's the line I plan on using)

    G-ISamual 22:23

    I am in think of my shock when the Lord had me reading in 1st Samual......

    Being the "wannabe" obediant child..I quickly gave in and read the place He gave me.

    OMG! Chapter 22........and it ends with v 23..............

    WOW.......G- you are so lucky that you did NOT get a wake up call at 7:15am.......

    With my phone in hand.....I fought the impulse....and I will wait till after 8......

    Ooooooo is it after 8 already?

    God is so is about David..talking about David..and Saul..and I read it and had to re-read it.....and then read it in the amplified........and share it with YOU.

    God is so wonderful and loving and He cares......and WE WIN!

    What a MIGHTY God we serve!

    The Blood of Jesus is enough!


    I hope everyone in the car is as Happy and spunky as I am cuz I am PUMPED!!

    Whoooo Hoooo!

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  7. have a great trip!

    we r on our way to NewOrleans

    anybody been watchin ToddBently on Godtv


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