Friday, April 11, 2008

late friday

Sorry about the late blog. For once, it is not my fault. Well, it kind of is, because I forgot to pay the phone bill. But ultimately, the internet was broken.

Today, for once in his life, the MOG did not have class. Wow, you say. That's kinda harsh. Uh, what I mean is, the MOG was out of school, not that he was tacky or "classless". Anyway, if I said it that way, it would pretty much be a compliment in that he had never, prior to today, been classless or tacky. Which, frankly, would be untrue, because it has happened before. Albeit rarely. But I digress. Deliberately. Because it amuses me.

Back to talking about American Idol. When was I talking about Idol, you say. My my... you are chatty today, aren't you? You were talking about Idol in the comments yesterday, and today, that's when. ANYWAY. In reference to the Idols singing Shout to The Lord... (aka Darlene makes a Million)... I see this, and Christmas songs played in Walmart, as "Christ is preached." In other words, He still gets the glory, even if a girl in a belly shirt sings a song about how great He is, with no understanding. And 30 million people hear it? I think that's just great, all around.

Oh yeah, before I digressed, and then had a secondary digression, I was trying to talk about today. Since R1 did not have SCHOOL, I ran away to the library and the thrift store. If anybody around here had actually taken a nap, I would still be gone. But they slept not. Still, I had a great time and gleefully spent 3 dollars on a pair of pink checkered Vans and 2 baby dresses that are pretty pioneer-era. R2 loves them... he's all about dressing his baby dolls. Which, you know, is of some concern to his father, but whatever. Happy Friday and have the weekend Marvin Zindler would have wanted you to!


  1. frist!!!

    i've been watching M.Zindler (GRHS) since the late 1960's....or early '70's.... he wore those glasses even back then! and wore those weird suits!

    jess... you have a good day as well!!! all weekend lonnnnnnnng

  2. Does this mean we have to be careful and avoid all slime in ice machines and the like?

    What would MZ want me to do this weekend?

    Hmm.....? Laundry.........
    guest room......general house decluttering......?


    MAYBE I should ponder this for a day or two and try to figure it out......

  3. r1 should not be so concerned with r2 & dolls

    most boys do that at one time or other

    like girls playing with toy cars

    no big deal

    he will get over it

  4. and let b play with toy trucks

    she will get past that, too

  5. papa jc actually just spent 2-3 hours taking apart our ice machine and cleaning all the intricate parts....and then put it back together....

    he just said "somehow i'm going to resist doing anything about the stove tonight"....

    he's the kind of man who, if he gets the vacuum cleaner going...doesn't stop until the walls AND ceiling have been thoroughly de-dustified....not to mention under all the cushions...behind the toilets...under the furniture, etc.

    i'm going to bed now....

    he's worn me out...

    marvin said i could

  6. MZ says RACK and BURN and pick up sticks and enjoy the great outdoors.

    Texas Weather is WONDERFUL today.

  7. why does one not blog on Sundays???

    is it against some liturgical rule?

  8. Thou shalt not blog on Sundays.


  9. Does anyone know what Clint & Shannon's son Hudson is struggling with? I haven't seen it in her updates.

  10. Ms. Pukeypants;

    If Barack Obama and Barbara Bush got into a fist fight, who would win and why?-G

  11. Mr. Slim,

    Who do you more resemble?

    Jay Leno
    Abraham Lincoln
    Steve Tyler
    Janet Jackson
    Hillary Clinton
    Aretha Franklin?-G

  12. Ok, this one is for everybody,

    What should Mike do for his birthday next Sunday?

    ( for those who don't know Mike is my husband)-G

  13. I think Mike should celebrate!
    ; )

    no great ideas here

  14. Who I most resemble?

    I’ll put it like this- most like Abraham Lincoln, with the funny bone of Jay Leno and the flare of Aretha Franklin.


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