Thursday, April 10, 2008

ants and more ants

Directly on the heels of sickness 1, I have developed sickness 2. This one does not involve vomit... hallelujah. This is more of the coughing hurting achy whiney headachey sleepy kind. Sigh. Just took an hour nap and I hope I'm better.

In other news, we have ants. Ants ants ants. They started in the bathroom and have extended to the kitchen. Which is nightmarish, but they don't bite and they are not interested in food. In fact, they ignore food and head right for white things... like paper and my laptop and electrical cords. We have tried the little ant baits... nope. And the highly toxic spray poison... kills the visible ants in range of the spray dead. But then the rest just wander around the bodies of their comrades unharmed. The MOG has suggested just co-existing, in the spirit of Rodney King. But I can't take crawly things. Bugs. Shudder. I heartlessly murder every one that crosses my path, just to make a point. But so far the ant community remains unthreatened. Sheesh.

In other, other news, Idol Gives Back was last night, and it was a'ight. Coolest part was the very end when they sang Shout to The Lord. Who'da thunk it?


  1. One of the many jobs my husband has had is in pest control; thus i learned a priceless secret that is family friendly and smells good.

    Natural orange oil heartlessly and aromatically dissolves the exoskeleton of ants.

    I think you can buy orange oil at Lowes.

    Try it. Wipe your counters down with it. Clean things with it, and see if it makes a difference.

  2. they started tonights show with "shout to the Lord" too! Wow!

  3. Ricky Lake looks great!! So does Dr Phil

  4. There is something overtly disturbing about dissolving exoskeletons.

    Our tv cut off idol before the shout to the lord performance. Yay for youtube.

  5. How is married life Lorri Beth?

  6. Hey Mamapc this is for you,I just got home from a conference and one of the things this man talked about was it is not over even when it is over. He told a story about a woman who was declared brain dead and her family took her home to die, and they began to plan her funeral. Well I guess someone forgot to tell her she was dying, because she woke up, perfecty healthy with no side effects. So instead of the funeral they went on a family vacation! When he prayed I declared that over John's sister! So be encouraged that it is not over even when it seems over!

  7. hey jess,

    i talked to the bug man (formerly known as the cookie man) about your ants. he says they're probably Pharoah Ants, and they are very smart. He says they're very hard to kill, and that the most effective way to get rid of them is to figure out where they're coming from and eliminate them at the source.

    He also said that if you put out bait (which they're very picky about), don't touch it. They smell you on it, and they know something's up. I don't know how.

    I also found this site that tells more about how to eliminate the boogers.

    hope this was helpful

  8. i saw repeat of the shout to lord deal on ai
    it was good
    my heart was grieved
    it's just a nice song to most of those who performed it
    it probably meant nothing
    just a nice religious song
    sung by ai
    & a choir

    casting pearls before swine reaps poor results

    but there is always hope

  9. Well, the Aussie is gone, man! Too bad. I thought he ROCKED IT OUT Tuesday night with his Dreamin' song. I definitely did not agree with Simon on that one. I was really surprised he got the boot. Even though Ms. Blondie Blond (Christie) did a great job with "Anyway", her other performances haven't held up. She should already be gone!!

    Aunt Tammy (I can't remember my username!!).

  10. true dat, aunt t.
    Blog might be late today due to at&t stinking

  11. My husband and i talked quite a bit about the whole heathens-singing-worship songs concept.

    But in observing them, it seemed to me that they had to be touched on some level. Some of them even looked worshipful.

    Can you, being heathen, sing a song about such a great and mighty God that so directly names His attributes, and yet remain untouched, and not bring at least a little bit of His presence?

    What do you think?

  12. I think it was AWESOME that the network allowed them to sing this song!! Rather than concentrating on if any of the singers were moved or sincere in singing this song, I'm excited at the prospect of all the millions of viewers being moved by them singing the song. The words are really powerful, and I for one, got a little teary listening and watching them perform. :)

    Aunt Tammy

  13. along the same lines, we also saw a video clip last night at the same conference that JenH went...

    of the English ai (called somethin different)of a guy who had a seriously deprived upbringing with very low self esteem and works as a phonebook salesman, but got on the english ai show. made people cry with his power and talent, in opera.

    "it's not over even when it's over"

  14. How do we know who "swine" is. We'd have to make a rash judgment of the hearts of the singers and the audience to assume they are all "swine." Regardless of the vessel, the Holy Spirit can use the truth of that song to reach broken non religious hearts. Praise God for His suttle infiltrations - Richy

  15. insert "?" and subtle spelled correctly!

  16. I agree with Richy! I think we should applaud every opportunity where the world recognizes the one true God. Even if they don't understand or believe what they are singing. I know there where people out ther that where touched. The most popular show in America just sang a worship song that was heard by millions! Come on people there is reason to get excited! Seeds where planted. Now we should pray that people are put into their paths to water those seeds!

  17. I agree with Richy and Jen. I’m thinking a lot of heathens and backsliders were touched. That’s a beautiful song, and would be very powerful especially on hardened hearts of backsliders. We never watch TV, but it’s always good to hear these kinds of things!

  18. "..nothing compares to the promise I have in You."

    That's exciting that many are thinking of this!!!


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