Wednesday, April 23, 2008

what I do

You may or may not have noticed I didn't blog yesterday. I wish there was more outrage, but hey... whatever.
So Monday and Tuesday Richy went to the GMA. He saw a lot of Christian musicians, or artists... he had a good time, but we're not really into the Christian music "industry". Not going to really elaborate on that, since I didn't go and he has his own blog.

Yesterday I went through my new city routine, in which I choose a random direction on the freeway and go for it. Why is it, if I choose what logically was the direction (east) we drove last time to get to Walmart, it is DEFINITELY going to be the wrong way? So off I went 10 miles wrong, 10 miles back and eventually arrived at my destination...
I hit Salvation Army and Goodwill with a vengeance. Anyways.

So we're supposed to be providing some sort of leadership/pastoring to the students at the school here. The students arrive Sunday, so far we've just met the interns. Yesterday I had a conversation with one of the interns.
"Which one of you guys is all into healing?"
me: point at R1.
him "He said you were..."
me "I.... was. I am. I just...."
him "Because I have such a heart for that, I just really want to do it. And I don't know anybody else who is interested in healing."
me "Uh, well. I was seeing a lot of healings, before... did you know about our babies?"
him "Yeah, that's understandable."
me "Not that I don't believe God can do it. I'm just a little burnt on asking..."
him "You need the fire.. I have the fire, but I don't know anything about it."
me "Yeah."
and so I went upstairs with my groceries, bothered by being the leader with the lack of faith. I feel like the old drunken boxer, and the upstart kid wants to be trained by him. "Get outta here, kid! I got nothin left!"
It's not a great feeling, but it might be motivation.


  1. Good luck on your training, Paulie.

  2. anybody who knows Calvin might think this video is cool.

  3. i AM outraged, by the way.

    i count on you for ai comments on Tuesdays, and ......NOTHING

  4. well, then.

    My favorite was and still is, David Cook. He showed his classical side last night and he was awesome.
    I'm afraid Brooke is cracking up under the pressure.

  5. Hi all,

    Just got moved to The Woodlands this last weekend, and finally have internet again.

    As someone who knows Calvin. I like the video a lot!

    About 10 years ago, I was dating someone who had a short time career with Pale. I had gone to see one of their shows in a small place in Montrose, when the guy I was seeing came running out on stage, with nothing on but a pink tutu, he had skinny legs and a beer gut and was screaming in the mic. Needless to say our relationship ended shortly after. I can deal with a lot but that was a little too much even for me. But we had been friends for years, so we stayed friends. I can handle my friends wearing tutus but not my boyfriends!

  6. I love the video (speaking of fire). The fire seems to be spreading...only a matter of time. tee hee hee. I am missing all of you but guess I am not a son of thunder, maybe a mother of a son of thunder or some sons of thunder and also some daughters of lightning. Maybe a grandma of sons of thunder.. or even great grandsons of thunder Very gratifying that.You of course are included in that group. So just get ready... it will sneak up on you when you are unawares and POW! I love you! Thunder Mama

  7. And lightning.Oh yeah. A mother in law of several Sons of thunder.

  8. Also, Jennifer I remember the days of the pink tutu. one of those things best forgotten if you git my drift.Mama

  9. Jere and Mere had an ultrasound scheduled today to see if they could tell the gender. Got a text from Jere:

    "It's a girl- Rachel Elisabeth"

  10. And, to mr. slime, or slim if you prefer. I'm not in love with a kangaroo, but could kick your tail end like one.

  11. Jenn-
    I never knew you dated Sparky. hee hee hee

  12. Ran into Sparky a month or so ago. He is a mechanic in spring. He has kids now. I think the tutu days are over.-G

  13. Great video. That song sounds like it might make it. Real catchy.-G

  14. Mom,

    I think you should keep that moniker


    I like that-G

  15. Mr. Slime in the ice machine.

    What is it with the insults?-G

  16. Mr. Slim is Josh. (me thinks)

  17. I think mr slim's name is Canyon Houston, Or Grand Houston, Or Houston Canyon, or something...-G

  18. good video & music by cal jr

  19. Roo boy- bring it on.

    Am I some Bill Richards or Josh? If you think I am one of them, you must say logicall why, otherwise I won't answer. This should be fun.....

  20. I wouldn't say that Sparky and I actually dated, dated we were friends who kind of toyed with the idea of dating. But it never really went any where. I have the funniest pictures of us. We went to our high school banquet together. And it is one cheesy photo.

    I also remember when Lindsey's man was a part of the band! He was so young I don't think he was even old enough to get into some the places they where playing.

    I can definately see how Pale has evloved. I think I still have there first cd floating around here somewhere.

  21. Bill Richards was at the Grande Canyon on a Radiant tour with a video camera.........and he also has been to HOUSTON.

    Thats all I got.......


    What is the story behind the race car?

    When were you in a race car......


    Are you dating a CHRISTIAN Race Car Driver..........RCDMOG?

    JERE =====YIPPEEEEEE I love the name.....Rachel......and Elizabeth.

    Awesome news........Did they change the due date?

    Jess........Wow.......God uses everything..nothing is wasted....I am glad that all of that motivates you.....and gives you a fresh wind.
    and energy......WOW.....

    The way your respond to situations encourages ME......

    G---Thanks for the Breaking Off the assignments of the enemy.

    The Blood of Jesus covers and protects YOU G------in your work place.........

    GOD has a reason for the Christians working out there in the public.......u duh.......I know ...But this is a new revelation......a real revelation.

    I have always known it.....but now

    I see that GOD REALLY wants us to bloom right where we are planted.

    Stay and stand and speak with our actions......and show them Christ..

    even if we get FIRED or unjustly accussed...........

    God YOU are so GOOD.....and NOT a taskmaster!

    He is loving and blesses us and provides and rescues and defends and knows how to honor us.

    He reminds me of that right in the middle of this STORM that seems so big......

    But GOD.

    He is never late.......He is never early......He is right on time....

  22. thank GOD that I've never been unjustly a'cussed...

  23. I am not Bill Richards, but me likes the house he built muey much. Very nice!

  24. okay so he is very close to BR

    We know its not CHUCK


  25. I would maybe put a vote in that Mr. Slim is Matt Tullos. He also toured with Radiant right? And I think him and Bill live in the same hood.

  26. That sounds good........


    Matt Slim.......

    Happy Daddy Matt Slim....


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